E Commerce Means Death Of Mass Marketing

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Executive Summary:a. what is e-commerce?b. what is mass-marketing?Connection mass-marketing with e-commerceMass marketing dying today:a. mass marketing means the process in the pastb. new technologies:- internet: all information are there- the range of activities users undertake onlinec. mass marketing fraud todayOpportunities in both: the business-to-consumer and business-to-business onlineRecommendations for mass-marketing improve.ConclusionSourcesExecutive summaryCommon topic today, mostly everywhere, is that mass marketing is dead or is on the way out. As far as I read, mass-marketing is advertising to large market segments through mass media and other public forum.In mass-marketi ...view middle of the document...

For example, let's take a TV. When people come to home in the evening after the work, usually they are watching TV. They prefer look at some good movie or evening news, but after each 10 minutes they have to look at all the same advertisings. To my mind it's a big mass-marketing loss.The same is with newspaper. A few years ago we could read the whole newspaper and just in the last page we saw some advertising, but today it's almost in each page.That's why e-commerce is very good solution for people. When they are interest to know something about some kind of products or even if they want to sell something, they can do everything online.2.2 New technologiesThe main competitor for mass-marketing is internet. People have anopportunity to find all information what they need to know. They can also buy whatever they want via internet. What actually internet is?•It is a new and terribly exciting phenomenon.•It occupies most of our waking knowledge.What concerning E-commerce, it using the internet is a new way of advertising, buying and selling.What e-commerce offers? Here are:•heard about all of the companies that offer e-commerce because you have been bombarded by TV and radio advertisings•read all of the news stories about the shift to e-commerce and the hype that developed around e-commerce companies•purchased something on the web, so you have direct personal experience with e-commerceWe can see that the new technology is one of the main mass-marketing competitor.2.3 Mass-marketing fraud todayOne of the big disadvantages of mass-marketing is fraud. As far as I read the biggest number of fraud is in U.S an in Canada. These counties have been actively combating the problem of mass-marketing fraud. Moreover, with years the number of fraud increases.Additionally, that situation in Europe is not much better than in U.S and Canada. I think that mass-marketing fraud is everywhere. As far as we live in Czech Republic now, let's take this country as an example. Every day people complain to non truth advertising here.However, to my mind, e-commerce is fraud as well. I would even say that as mass-marketing such e-commerce is frauds in the same level.3 Opportunities in both: the business-to-consumer and business-to-business online3.1 B2B (Business-to-Business)B2B (Business-to-Business) is a business market that sell products and services to other businesses for use in their daily operations or for making other products and services.Personally I do don't see a big difference between business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) marketing. After all, you're still selling a product to a person. However mass-marketing is not used with B2B but it used with B2C.3.2 B2C (Business-to-Consumer)I already mentioned that mass-marketing used with B2C. Business-to-consumer sell products and services to consumers for household or personal use.The main point of B2C is that the corporations can have the best known brand in the world. But...


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1461 words - 6 pages The advantages of utilizing the World Wide WebOfficially, electronic commerce is "Electronic Commerce is the paperless exchange of goods or services through the use of electronic data". Today, the more typical definition of e-commerce is "To sell goods or services on the web" (Web Transitions, Inc, 2004). Some of the benefits of using the World Wide Web are:* No time or distance barrier- customers can log onto the internet at anytime, day or

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3388 words - 14 pages , in e-commerce there is no physical store space, insurance, or infrastructure investment. All you need is an idea, a unique product, and a well-designed web storefront to reach your customers, plus a partner to do fulfillment. This makes e-commerce a lot more economical. Higher Margins ; E-commerce means higher margins. For example, the cost of processing an airline ticket is $400. According to one travel agency, processing the same ticket

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5505 words - 23 pages can be split into three main parts: Organisational orientated activities, which contains information sharing, support or collaboration with business partners; business orientated activities (B to B), such as acquisition and disposition of products and supply chain management (SCM); and consumer orientated activities, such as marketing, customer relation management (CRM) and e-commerce. (Spring, 2002)IBM defines e-commerce as:a secure, flexible

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2338 words - 10 pages Free , technologies and e-commerce capabilities used by companies to manage customer relationships" (see Foss and Stone 2001 pp.3)With less people in marketing the relationship will be negatively affected because as Barclays gain new customers the attention to each individual customer will be less. It is impossible to stay customer focused when there are fewer resources focussing on the customers needs. The impact of a poor relationship may then lead

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2839 words - 12 pages characterized by vertical integration and concurrent phenomenon of horizontal integration in this industry or other modes. Due to a sharp decline in transaction costs from Internet based commerce, it may be efficient for retail industry to restructure themselves around E-commerce.4.1 The reason of transaction cost decline though e-retailØ Decline in searching cost on customers' preference (information cost)E-retail may to some degree reduce

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2475 words - 10 pages its capacity in innovative marketing and supply chain strategies. Being a leader in the floral market from past many decades, company has acquired many floral and non-floral businesses. In the beginning company has focused on brick-and-Mortar and later spread to telephone commerce with a 24/7 service. Further the company became one of the leaders in trading thru e-commerce, social medias, application software (apps), with multi branded products

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7959 words - 32 pages means La Senza's cost per unit of output is very high. Increasing volume, while maintain quality, would help reduce those costs. A weak cost structure means La Senza's costs are high in comparison to their competitors. Deficiency in marketing issues; little to no media advertisement. No specific focus. La Senza is more 'sexy' than M&S and more 'everyday' than Ann Summers; it occupies a middle of the road market share which declined when the