E Life Of Readers. How The Readers Life Changed With E Books Esl Essay

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E-life of Readers
Do you like reading? Do you know how much changed the life of readers after the invention of e-books? It is one of the best inventions of the modern world, because it changed the possibility of reading, which mean reading has become easier, because the readers now have unlimited books available online, and they can read anytime and anywhere because their books are with them on their phones and iPads, and they save a lot of money because there are thousands of e-books are available online for free to read it and download it.
Before the e-book was invented, Readers and researchers used to spend a lot of time searching for books they wanted. They used to look for them in nearby bookstores and libraries. Sometimes they could not find them, so they were forced to buy an alternative book that may not be the same level. Now with e-books, Readers and researchers are able to find any book they want quickly and easily, and buy it from anywhere in the world. I remember my friend in Syria, who was preparing for Master in Sign Language. She could not find sources
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and references for this subject, so she bought them from America and Britain.
Prior to the invention of e-books, Readers could not read at any time or place, because they could not carry their books with t...


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