Early School Days; In My 2nd Year Of College I Pulled This Paper Out, Re Structed It, And Re Vised It

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Early School DaysOne time when I was first in school I remember a lady in the office callingover the school intercom and stated that I needed to report to the main office.Now this school was quite larger than most schools (three stories and fourbuildings to be exact). I got up and was walking out the classroom door witheveryone thinking that I was in serious trouble including myself, I didn't knowexactly what to think but all I knew was I had never been called to the main officebefore. I wasn't exactly an honor roll kid but I kept my morals lingering.As I was closing in on the main office building, I noticed a deputy and aperson I thought to be a counselor standing inside the entrance and pacing backand forth with a bit of a haste in their step. I crept inside ...view middle of the document...

She was standing there with long goldenbrown hair, her deep blue eyes just filled my heart with love and adoration. Shealso carries a smile that would make any breathing being just melt! However onthis day a smile was not on her face, it was a look of worry as if she new whatwas going on. As I was being carried down the encompassing hallway she stoodstagnant only rotating to keep eye contact. In her eyes, her emotions werediscovered. She was doubting me based on something she had heard. She wasdisappointed in me which meant that she actually believed what was said. Shelooked as if she was trying to take sides and could not choose.After those miracle working guidance counselors calmed me, the deputyand the principal came in and had a seat directly in front of me. They said thatthey had a reasonable doubt to search my direct contents and that otherteaching staff were going through my bookbag right then as they spoke. I asked'why' like any normal kid would and was struck with their answer! They statedthat one of my peers had reported that I was smoking that morning prior to thestart of the school day. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I mean here I am,just finishing up learning how pick my nose and now the school system thoughtthat I was a tabacco freak! Well after they searched me and my stuff infront ofeverybody, they left as though they had actually accomplished something!They left me in ruins. I had to try to repair all the damage on my own. Allthe friends that now doubted me, all the teachers who started to acquire theirown new opinions about me, and don't forget Betsy. I eventually got over thisincident but only after I moved.To this day I don't know what she thinks of me.

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