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East Coast To The South, Personal Experience

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Where a person was born or raised often plays an important role in their lives.There are often comparisons between a urban civilization to rural civilization. Humans adopt to different environments that would be the most suitable for their style of living. Society as a whole didn't tell us where civilization should take place. Choosing the right place for a living depends on the matters of self preference and comfort. Throughout the last decade, I was brought up in two different cities that are thousands of miles apart - - New York City and Houston. The two cities are ranked among the top ten in state / city population, yet there are structures and mainframes which we can soon identify or ...view middle of the document...

Above all, I attended private schools in near the Greenwich Village area of New York City. It's a small area called SOHO, similar to the street of New Orleans. I attended two different catholic schools within five years span. Because most public schools in NYC lacked the reputation in academic wise, my parents had to provide $800 per month tuition for both my little brother and I. Even though religious private-schools have the reputation of developing good students and teaching the morals, the academic system had often been short behind compare to the public schools. People who transfer to private schools often claimed that they had the text done the material that's been provided a year before.During the courses of my 7th grade in grammar school. I was informed that we would move to Texas. For some bizarre reason, the people up north have always pictured the cowboys and horses in Texas. I was really upset for leaving my friends and all the fond memories behind. I am a person who is willing to accept the alternatives and to learn different cultures in life. I think life is too short and everyone should take a bite out of everything. I moved to Sugar Land Texas, in the year of 1991. The reason for the drastic alternative was because of my grandfather, who was a senior citizen living by himself in Taiwan. He visited Houston once or twice and strongly favored the climate here. Above all, it's a quiet neighborhood, perfect for retirement plans and elderly. The neighborhood was a nice place but it lacked the public transportation that I was used to back in the cities. Down here, almost everyone travel from point a to point B with an automobile. I was under the age of having a license so I often biked my way around the neighborhood within the five mile radius. I began my first year and attended 8th grade at First Colony Middle School. I can say it was the worst year of my life. I guess I felt homesick and didn't want to accept the dramatic change in my life. I was a city person, all of sudden I am stuck with riding bicycle to school. It took me about a year to adopt the environment. My parents had always stood besides me to walk me along. Not until my freshmen year in high school did I start making friends and getting into the social crowd.The similarity between these two cities...

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