Economic Impact Of Tax On Sugar Micronomics 11 Essay

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As sugary drinks become popular, people are taking in more and more added sugar
without even noticing. However, this excess consumption of sugar is causing several health
problems. This results in lower individual life expectancy, as well as higher spendings in health
care. I believe that government should impose a tax on sugary drinks to reduce the
consumption of sugary drinks.
Sugary beverages have terrible health impacts that the consumers are usually unaware
of. The impact of over consuming sugar is a lot smaller and less noticeable than some of the
other demerit goods, like tobacco and alcohol, but everyone takes in sugar all the time, and
small impacts can add up. Sugary drinks play a huge role in the overconsumption of sugar
because it has tons and tons of added sugar to create the sweet taste, but rarely any
consumers look at the ingredients and think about how much sugar they are really taking in.It is
also a main contributor to the obesity crisis, because​ ​people who consume sugary beverages
don’t eat less food because of its high calories. Some argues that if a blanket tax is imposed,
then products that contain healthy ingredients (like fruit juice) would also be affected, whereas
some products (like starbucks coffee) might escape.
Overconsumption of sugar caused by sugary drinks would lead to health problems, such
as type 2 diabetes, obesity, tooth decay, and other related illnesses. Also because teenagers
tend to drink more sugary drinks, health problems might become more common, which is
something we should definitely pay more attention to. If a tax is put on these drinks, people

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