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Higher Education for All
In recent years, there has been a debate as to whether or not the United States of America should provide its citizens with free university education. This subject is very controversial; however, the problems that some people see in free higher education do have solutions and the benefits of free university outweighs the risks.
If college became free, an economic class gap in education would be closed. In other words, free university would promote equality between the wealthy and the less fortunate. This statement seems unreasonable, but there is logic behind it. People will still need to do the jobs that college graduates do not pursue. However, there are still a large number of people of low economic class who would like to attend college and who have the mental capacity, but they do not have enough money to pursue a college career. In fact, " at the age of nineteen, only about twenty percent of children from the poorest two percent of the country 's families attend college but about 90 percent of the richest two percent of the families " (Bruenig 113). Furthermore, it can be concluded that children from wealthy families are not affected by free school because the majority of them receive higher education. In this context, " free college is likely to benefit... an outlying group of students who are currently excluded from higher education because of the cost — students with skills and/or some cultural capital but without wealth " (Wiener 116). It is important to give people of low economic status this opportunity, because the economic diversity found in the United States in terms of university education creates social and cultural barriers.
On the other hand, many argue that the United States of America would not be able to pay for its citizens ' college education. This statement is true, but only because the majority of the colleges in this country are unnecessarily costly. In other words, most colleges are currently spending too much money, and some " critics blame luxury dormitories and athletic centers and highly paid administrators and teachers " (" College Free for " para. Four). These costs can be attributed to the fact that many high school graduates leave high school and feel they should have a great college experience. Many universities benefit from this thinking by spending money on luxuries that attract prospective students, although these expenses will not benefit them academically. All in all, the primary goal of colleges should be to educate people give them a luxury. The United States cannot afford students a college experience full of parties, luxury dormitories and athletic centers, but it should be able to pay for classes, textbooks and other necessary expenses.
Consequently, the government of the United States would have to establish regulations to prevent colleges from overspending. One example of this regulation is the free college proposal of Bernie Sanders, which " would prohibit schools f...


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