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A description of an angle and two scenes where the angle is effective.
The play Edward Scissorhands directed by Tim Burton is a very deep and different piece of
work when compared with other horror movies. This is because the monster in the movie,
Edward, is actually the Protagonist. The 3 main events are the beginning, turning point and
The beginning starts off with an elderly lady telling her granddaughter a story about a man in a
castle, then there is an over the shoulder shot that shows the dark castle with a snowy
background though the window from the grandma’s house. This is followed by an establishing
shot of suburbia which shows that everyone in suburbia is similar to each other and fit’s in. This
is also reinforces the contrast between edwards castle and suburbia. Then peg (a cosmetics
sales person) finds edwards and takes him to suburbia.
edward scissorhands is introduced into the conformist society of suburbia and tries to fit in,
some examples of this are, when edward, gives the community hair cuts, tries to open up his
own haircutting saloon, and trims all the hedges for everyone But even then, the figures, that
edward carves are unique and different to the perfectly shaped boring hedges before so even
then, edward is different and at first, they are intrigued by this difference. Another example is
where in an attempt to fit in, edward is given clothes to wear. He even appears on T.V. Diegetic
sound is used to emphasise how normal everything is by sounding how a normal town should
act. Not everyone is happy with him coming however, as Esmeralda, a religious townsperson
continuously cites that Edward is the devil. Everything seems happy, for the count,
In the middle, we reach the turning point where Jim (Kim’s boyfriend but someone who has a
personal vendetta against Edward) uses Edward's hands to break into his own house to steal
some valuables to sell which results in Edward getting arrested. From then on, things for
Edward get worse and worse as Edwards scissor hands get him into trouble twice. Once he
accidently cut’s Kim (pegs daughter) while making a Ice sculpture of her, and the second time,
he saves Kim’s younger brother from a crash but cuts him. The neighbourhood do not see what
edward did, but instead rely on the evidence they see (the cuts) and their own built-in prejudice
and form a mob, chasing him back to his castle or where they think he belongs.
Here we have some close-ups of some of the townspeople, which shows the worried looks on
their faces means the reason they are driving him out is because they are scared of him and his
Then, we have reached the climax where the crowd reach the gates but stop but Jim in a rush
of anger-possibly because of edwards relationship with his girlfriend, follows edward into the
castle and attempts to kill him Edward ever the Pacifist, does nothing in self defence, but when
Kim comes in to try and stop Jim, Jim slaps her in the face, which enrages edward...

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