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To what extent can ordinary citizens reduce global warming?
Global warming has been one of the biggest concerns in the twentieth century, with
average global temperature rising at an astonishingly high rate. Carbon Dioxide released
from deforestation and the burning of fossil fuel trap heat and cause the planet to get
hotter. This essay will examine the extent to which ordinary citizens can do to reduce
global warming.
Transportation has been one of the biggest contributors to the increasing global warming.
By using fuel efficient vehicle can help the situation, and this is the first way citizen can
help mitigate the problem. The introduction of hybrid technology can help reducing the use
of fuel as it combines benefits of using gasoline and electric motor. In addition, Tesla cars
are now being developed. If it is successfully developed, it will use 100% electricity as
main source of power, which will reduce the needs for fuel energy. However, in order for
electric cars to benefit the environment, it has to use green energy. As a result, this leaves
public transport as one of the best option for citizens to choose to help save the planet.
Statistics show that trains use 23.7% less energy per passenger mile compare to private
vehicles, and a half-emptied bus is more efficient than the single occupant automobile.
Since public transport uses less energy per person, less pollution will be emitted.
Moreover, it is economically efficient for the passenger as well.
From the above point concerning the effectiveness of electric cars, it has to depends on
the source of energy. By using renewable energy, it directly reduces the need for fossil fuel
and consequently, reduce CO2 released. Over the past decade, we have seen a rise in
awareness of this issue, with more countries switched to renewable ene...

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