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What if the imperialist had not come? What if there had been continuity of the political, economic, cultural and societal systems and arrangements that Buganda had in place before the imperialist came? There is a high possibility that Uganda, just like any other African country, would have acquired self- development and growth in terms of governance, education, economics and all other aspects of societal systems. However, as stated by Ugandan Scholar P. Godfrey Okoth, (2012) “British colonialism deployed forms of cultural and ideological domination to destroy or paralyse the cultures of Ugandan people.” Not only did the coming of the imperialist rob our Ugandan ancestors of an opportunity to work towards growth and development in the indigenous context, but also robbed us of the chance to see what would have been if the local systems had continued. Comment by Patricia Woichik: political or economic growth and development? Comment by Ritz Kay: _Marked as resolved_ Comment by Ritz Kay: _Re-opened_
Imperialism thwarted the potential of our ancestors to realize advancement in the political arena. Precolonial Uganda was a country comprising of different tribes among which where the Buganda, dominant tribe and most powerful, Basoga, Banyoro, among others. Buganda from which the country Uganda was named, and a tribe that attracted the imperialists had originally established a Monarchy system of governance in an organized hierarchy. The kingdom was headed by the Kabaka ,King, under whom was the Katikkiro, ,prime minister, who was in charge of the Kingdom’s administrative and Judicial systems, and other ministers who worked as the Kabaka’s advisers. The Kabaka had representatives in each village, The Chiefs, who not only kept the king updated on what happened in the territories but also participated in policy matters. potential to advance in their political system. All this had been put in place without external guidance. As noted by Historians, Buganda had an already organised political system of governance, which, in fact attracted the British when they came in and made it a protectorate in 1884. It is without doubt therefore that with time, such a system was destined to advance. However, with the interference of the imperialist, all the potential was destroyed. The people lost confidence in their own indigenous political pursuits as they were introduced to the new, “civilised” system of political action. The British way of governance became the frontline and the local way of doing things was seen as primitive and old fashioned. (Dare Arowolo, Ade Kunle). It can be deduced that our ancestors were driven into a state of confusion, a dilemma as they were forced to abandon their own political system. And then the imperialist left at a time when there was still need for political guidance and mentorship, leaving the country further into the dilemma. This state of confusion created by the imperialist foste...


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