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Effective Communication Essay

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There's a syringe in my Pepsi can crises. In most cases a crises occurs at the most unexpected times. The crisis seems to take the organization by surprise and is usually reached due to a lack of a control and response system. This is apparent in the case study "There's a syringe in my Pepsi can!" Effective communication is the key to successful communication to the Pepsi crises. (Center, 2007)In this case the consumer claimed to have found a hypodermic syringe in a can of diet Pepsi and this was quickly followed by many similar reports from around the country. Pepsi immediately produced and distributed information showing that it was impossible for a foreign substance to make its way into ...view middle of the document...

Second, the most important rule in defending, preserving or enhancing a reputation is that you work at it all year long, regardless of whether or not a crisis strikes.A example of good crisis management where the company went all out to get back on track as earliest as possible with out losing a lot of customers or sales due to the incident. This shows that Pepsi has an effective crisis management teams who did their job and most important was the fact that they earned the respect of there clients and employees. Pepsi was able to communicate with its public effectively because of its PR campaign. Vice President of Public Affairs Becky Madeira was able to address the news media, customers, consumers, and employees as well as local Pepsi-Cola bottle with its "One Clear Voice" approach, which informed the public of proper facts and any new updates as they arose. (Center, 2007)Pepsi's PR campaign involved four principles, putting the public safety first, establishing and fixing the crisis, communicating with the internal and external public on a regular basis, and taking responsibility for fixing the crisis. The company's strategy was to reassure the public that this was not a manufacturing crisis, what was happening was not occurring inside our plant (Center, 2007) The PR team used specific PR communication tools to accomplish these principles.The PR coordinator Madeira, used specific techniques to inform, influence, and motivates the public such as video news releases (VNR), press releases, charts, audio tapes, diagrams of the production process and photos for external and internal distribution. The VNR, proved to be the most effective approach to communicating with the public. Some other approaches to consider would be guiding the company through a series of worst case scenarios such as flash flood or even a terrorist attack, the company can offer checklist and field proven action tests for a quick result. The PR department should instruct all manager and corporate executives on how best to prepare their teams for a crisis and how to deal with customers, employees, and the media in the aftermath. (Center, 2007)Pepsi's public relations teams established...

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