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There's a syringe in my Pepsi can crises. In most cases a crises occurs at the most unexpected times. The crisis seems to take the organization by surprise and is usually reached due to a lack of a control and response system. This is apparent in the case study "There's a syringe in my Pepsi can!" Effective communication is the key to successful communication to the Pepsi crises. (Center, 2007)In this case the consumer claimed to have found a hypodermic syringe in a can of diet Pepsi and this was quickly followed by many similar reports from around the country. Pepsi immediately produced and distributed information showing that it was impossible for a foreign substance to make its way i ...view middle of the document...

Second, the most important rule in defending, preserving or enhancing a reputation is that you work at it all year long, regardless of whether or not a crisis strikes.A example of good crisis management where the company went all out to get back on track as earliest as possible with out losing a lot of customers or sales due to the incident. This shows that Pepsi has an effective crisis management teams who did their job and most important was the fact that they earned the respect of there clients and employees. Pepsi was able to communicate with its public effectively because of its PR campaign. Vice President of Public Affairs Becky Madeira was able to address the news media, customers, consumers, and employees as well as local Pepsi-Cola bottle with its "One Clear Voice" approach, which informed the public of proper facts and any new updates as they arose. (Center, 2007)Pepsi's PR campaign involved four principles, putting the public safety first, establishing and fixing the crisis, communicating with the internal and external public on a regular basis, and taking responsibility for fixing the crisis. The company's strategy was to reassure the public that this was not a manufacturing crisis, what was happening was not occurring inside our plant (Center, 2007) The PR team used specific PR communication tools to accomplish these principles.The PR coordinator Madeira, used specific techniques to inform, influence, and motivates the public such as video news releases (VNR), press releases, charts, audio tapes, diagrams of the production process and photos for external and internal distribution. The VNR, proved to be the most effective approach to communicating with the public. Some other approaches to consider would be guiding the company through a series of worst case scenarios such as flash flood or even a terrorist attack, the company can offer checklist and field proven action tests for a quick result. The PR department should instruct all manager and corporate executives on how best to prepare their teams for a crisis and how to deal with customers, employees, and the media in the aftermath. (Center, 2007)Pepsi's public relations teams establis...


Effective Communication Case Study

1255 words - 6 pages to deal with the public in the United States, but now other countries as well. However, the same steps the PepsiCo took in 1993 would be the same steps the company would need to take today. Effective communication is the key and Pepsi showed that. The ensuing activities of PepsiCo and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration won the company the coveted "Best of Silver Anvils" in the 1994 Public Relations Society of America competition. (Center, 2003

Effective Communication in Nursing Classification Essay - College English - Essay

1237 words - 5 pages Running head: nursing and benefits of communication 1 nursing and benefits of communication 8 Nursing and the benefits of effective communication Avery R. Long Galen College of Nursing Abstract Effective communication between nurses and patients is critical to obtain favorable results of nursing care and the individual patient. In order for these outcomes to be obtained, nurses need to understand how to help the patient. Nurses do this by being

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690 words - 3 pages Free makes sense: either for safety, speed, quality, or patient satisfaction (Barach and Phelps). The communication between nurses and doctors have vastly improved as result of Sensemaking, as nurses have as much power to initiate a Sensemaking change as any doctor would. This structure allows doctors (managers) to hear out their employees when the employee has applicable knowledge of the situation. An effective manager should demonstrate strong

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2541 words - 11 pages Running head: The Relationship Between a Successful Business and Effective Communication 1 The Relationship Between a Successful Business and Effective Communication 5 Sustaining a Successful Business: An Analysis on How Effective Communication Techniques Can Contribute to a Success Business Stephenie Moss BUS 600: Management Communications with Technology Tools Professor Kurt Diesch January 20, 2018 It is important to recognize the value of

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770 words - 4 pages Running head: Rhetorical Analysis of a Speech 1 Rhetorical Analysis of a Speech 2 Rhetorical Analysis of a Speech Paulina Shirey Daytona College Rhetorical Analysis of a Speech On June 11, 1963 and March 15, 1965 two different presidents gave speeches that on the surface were about different topics, but at their core, were about civil rights in the United States. The early 1960’s were met with civil right movements that broke out that needed to

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1642 words - 7 pages Free WIT: Film Analysis PART 1: Communication in simple is the act or transferring information from one place to another. Although it is simply explained it is actually a complex process involving three main types; verbal, non-verbal and written (Skillsyouneed, 2018). Communication can also be defined as effective and ineffective communication which will both be looked at in part 1 of this assignment. Effective communication helps to keep motivation

Lateral And Vertical Communication

621 words - 3 pages more lateral communication is demonstrated at my organization, then customer and employee satisfaction will grow.References:Spillan, J. E., Mino, M., & Rowles, M. S. (2002). Sharing organizational messages through effective lateral communication. Communication Quarterly, 50(2), 96-102. Retrieved May 10, 2006, from ProQuest (299657901).

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752 words - 4 pages ." I don't become nervous when communicating very often, but like most people, when I do, my messages become very difficult to interpret.I am not as aware of my nonverbal communication as I am of my verbal communication. I believe this is because nonverbal communication is more involuntary than verbal communication. I assume that my nonverbal communication is sometimes effective because of the feedback I receive. When I am with a date, I will smile


748 words - 3 pages How should teams communicate? Communication is not just about how you talk and listen. It's about connecting with people. Work teams can be successful andaccomplish there goals when they find ways to communicate messages to inform, instruct, or stimulate members. (Winning Solutions, 2001-03) "Experts todayconsider communication to be the backbone of any effective team. Learn to:Deliver communication so that it is received the way you

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2855 words - 12 pages Free communication cannot be denied also. Face-to-Face communication is a historical communication method used in organizations. Face-to-Face communication conveys the true reactions and responses of people who are communicating with each other. People get instant, on the spot response and feedback, which is essential for effective communication in organizations. The differences between face-to-face communication and phone, email and other verbal communication

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4337 words - 18 pages , text messaging, emails, written correspondence. Effective written and verbal communication and being able to use a variety of interpersonal techniques promotes strong working relationships and will promote good quality care for the service user. In my role, it is important that I communicate in the correct way to ensure that the needs of the service user are understood and dealt with correctly. When I and the senior carer meet on the initial visit

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1857 words - 8 pages carried out, formal letters are often exchanged in form of reports, certificates and updates. 1.2 Explain how to support effective communication within own job role I support effective communication within my job role by following my employers policies and procedures on communication and national legislations. We have a warm, welcoming and friendly culture at work where we promote the rights of service users (SU) and employees. We encourage service

Intercultural Pr Studies

1401 words - 6 pages Free diverse culture groups as part of public health or governmental services initiative within his or her own nation.Ultimately understanding how individuals and groups from other nations, regions, or culture see the world is essential for effective intercultural communication. Organizations, no matter where they are from or their motive for existence, seek to project an image or reputation that is positive. The public relations function helps

communication in home care

560 words - 3 pages Communication in a Health Care SettingProper care in any health care setting is contingent on effective communication between patients and providers. "Effective communication promotes collaboration and interdisciplinary teamwork, helps ensure that ethical and legal responsibilities and professional patient standards are met, and contributes to positive patient outcomes" (Jakubek & Astle, 2014, p. 243). During a personal care home visit

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336 words - 2 pages CommunicationLearning StylesCommunication and collaboration of three learning style and three personality types."What is effective for one learner may be ineffective for another."(Honingsfeld and Dunn, 2006)Learning styles tell how to effectively process communication and personalities tell how to effectively collaborate among peers and others in the educational realm and in the employment field chosen for a career. It is important to recognize