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nursing and benefits of communication 8
Nursing and the benefits of effective communication
Avery R. Long
Galen College of Nursing
Effective communication between nurses and patients is critical to obtain favorable results of nursing care and the individual patient. In order for these outcomes to be obtained, nurses need to understand how to help the patient. Nurses do this by being creative and applying many types of communication techniques based on individual patient and case. Patient care should be practiced by nurses with courtesy, respect, empathy and confidentiality to obtain trust from their patients. and must not forget that this communication includes persons who surround the sick person, which is why the language of communication should be understood by all those involved in it. Good communication requires nurses to use many techniques, and ability to adapt to apply individualized and effective care to patients.
Nursing and the benefits of effective communication
As noted by Verderber R. London, The art of communication, (1998.), nursing focuses on serving and caring for the well-being of a human. Requiring scientific knowledge, and the application of technical, intellectual and interpersonal skills. Communication is critical in every aspect of nursing such as prevention, education, therapy, treatment, and rehabilitation. Communication can aide in the exchange of information, thoughts, and even feelings. Different types of communication are used daily by nurses when practicing patient care. The types of communication most likely include written, nonverbal and verbal. In order for nurses to be successful they must understand the importance of the various aspects and applications of communication when practicing patient care.
Nonverbal Cues
Because each patient and case will be different, nurses must possess the adaptability to apply different types of communication. When communicating, nurses will use verbal, nonverbal and written communication. Each aspect of communication is important to achieve positive results when caring for patients. Application of nonverbal communication when performing visual examinations can be critical to the care of a patient. Nonverbal cues such as body language, appearance, eye contact, and may even indicate symptoms missed by others. Nurses often spend more time with patients and influence care than a doctor. The extra time nurses have while caring for patients could lead to discovery of indicators that could be life altering if not addressed, such as clubbed nails. Clubbed nails are often an indicator that a patient has an oxygen problem and could be experiencing a number of life-threatening issues. This indicator found could mean a patient diagnosed or treated incorrectly receiving care for the underlying conditions. Maguire P. London describes the importance of communication skills for all healthcare professionals, and the quality of care...


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