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Running head: EFFECTIVE USE OF LAWSEffective Use of LawsUniversity of PhoenixBusiness LawBUS/415June 10, 2009Effective Use of LawsEffective use of laws can make the difference between a just or unjust decision. In a review of several contractual issues the separation of each by the different laws which give precedence to the decisions a judge may pass. Using these cases as a catalyst for decision making gives us some idea as to how judges may rule on cases. Several laws that may apply to each scenario however; the correct law for each case is the objective of Team D. Once the law that precedes each case is given an explanation of the choice will foll ...view middle of the document...

Secondly, let's explore selling automobiles' to a minor which is considered a dangerous matter. At the end of the summer, Jeff Fresh needed to return his car to Smooth Sale Used Cars due to his employment running out. Unknowing to Jeff Fresh, he has the "legal right to void or cancel some contracts and not be held liable for others" (ISBA, 2004). One possible outcome should be that the contract is voided out due to Jeff Fresh being a minor. The money he paid towards the promissory note will be returned to him due to the fact he is a minor. The second reason is due to the Smooth Sale Used Car lot salesman neglected to ask him his age. Therefore, a breach of contract would be voided because of the company's negligence.In comparing and contrasting a potential legal and equitable remedy in breaching this contract based on Jeff Fresh's age for this contract to be voided. "The Minor: The Infancy Doctrine law "allows minors to disaffirm (or cancel) most contracts they have entered into with adults. A minor's right to disaffirm a contract is based on public policy" (Cheeseman, 2007)The comparison of a disaffirmance and a necessity of life are based on a minor being extremely responsible versus a minor just getting into a contract just to get in and get out of it. The minor may know his or her rights and how to get out of a contract. The necessity of life is not a good example for this case. There was an exchange of money and product based on Smooth Used Car's salesman not knowing or asking questions of Jeff's age.Next is the law as it is applied to the verbal contract between Harry (the offeror) and Tom (the offeree) or who gets Tom's trains after Tom's retirement in two years. Nothing is in writing. Tom has the right to give his trains to anyone he likes. Tom stated to Harry that he trusted him to take care of the trains. There is no demand made in the verbal offer to Harry to start building a train room. Tom had mentioned offering the trains to Harry without mentioning specifics in writing. Therefore, Harry took it upon himself to build a place for trains which he had not purchased or been given possession of. Harry was not guaranteed the trains. The time put into erecting the building is the point at which Harry should have reassured himself that the trains would be in his possession when Tom retired.The trains are of rare value. Tom obviously did not plan to leave the unique trains with just anyone who wanted them. Care needed to be given to the rare pieces. Tom passed ownership of the trains to David. Harry suing for the trains is acceptable by law but does not imply an illegal act. When Tom mentioned giving the trains away, Harry knew nothing of another possible owner. Tom reacted with silence when Harry told him about building a huge building for the housing of the trains. Tom, by his silence, did not admit a contract with Harry.For a statement to be an actual contract, the contract is either bilateral...


Animal Farm Essay on how effective the use of Propaganda is - Richview, ENG1D3 - Essay

1059 words - 5 pages Free By: Pooja Samaraweera ENG-1D3: Animal Farm Essay In Animal Farm, propaganda is an important tool by which Napoleon holds or enhances his power. Choose three important examples of the use of propaganda in the novel, and show how it is an effective means by which those in power stay in power Being in charge can make a person feel powerful, strong, and important to others. But with those feelings, it can drive a person to become paranoid to lose

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1028 words - 5 pages HEALTH ASSIGNEMT: Tom Griffiths Road Accident Topic · the introduction of laws prohibiting the use of mobile phones in cars helps keep the roads safe Prohibiting the use of mobile phones in cars is crucial to keeping roads safe. I personally think that the negatives definitely out way the positives when it comes to allowing mobile devices while driving. The use of mobile phones while

Potential Ethical, Moral, Or Legal Issues

603 words - 3 pages approval of safe and effective medications ("Office of National Drug Control Policy ", n.d.). Laws have been initiated to control the amount of marijuana a person can have in their possession as well as the illegal distribution and sale of marijuana but keep in mind that laws vary from one state, county, or city to another ("Office of National Drug Control Policy ", n.d.). The use of marijuana determines whether it is ethical, unethical, moral, or

Martin Luther King in Response to Alabama Clergymen - Mesa Community College/ ENG101 - Essay

1006 words - 5 pages well alive, African Americans were still treated like second hand citizens when they were out in public. Although the clergy condone and support the use of courts, the blacks have been tried unfairly in those same courts. The courts do not want to deal with these issues, as they rise bigger than just as issues of the state. He claims that what is taking place in Alabama should not be considered illegal because there are “just” and “unjust” laws

Effectiveness of Legal and on-Legal Responses in Relation to the Use of Child Soldiers - Sydney Boys High School - Essay

1258 words - 6 pages use of child soldiers within its borders. These include: * Child Act 2008 (South Sudan) * National Child Act 2010 * Sudan Armed Forces Act 2007 * Comprehensive Peace Agreement 2005 * Southern Sudan Penal Code Act 2008 * South Sudan Human Rights Commission While these domestic laws are legally binding and must be abided by, as mentioned above, this is clearly not the case. The SLPA continuously breaks these laws and the Sudanese government has

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572 words - 3 pages Free Civil disobedience is the act of disobeying the law on the grounds of political principle without using violence. People decide to use civil disobedience as a means of getting into court in hopes of changing any laws they feel are unconstitutional and unjust. Henry David Thoreau believed "People living in a democracy have the right to disobey any law they believe is unjust." Martin Luther King Jr. said, "We are American citizens. We are not here

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1883 words - 8 pages 1. Public International Law and Child Soldiers             There are many difficulties besetting the effective implementation of international laws in globally ensuring that human rights are respected. Factors such as cultural differences and social instability can promote conditions that make basic human rights secondary and even tertiary priorities. It is worth admitting that while international laws are often noble in their goals, they are

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2664 words - 11 pages forgotten.Marijuana has already been legalized for medical use by both California and Arizona. In order to be passed, these laws required a majority vote by the public and by Congress that favored the legalization of marijuana. In 1991, eighty percent of the San Francisco voters approved of legalizing marijuana, and seventy-seven percent of Santa Cruz voters also agreed ("History of Medical Marijuana" 1). Since these laws were passed, there is proof of

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1011 words - 5 pages general population. Although the idiographic approach provides detailed, qualitative data, it can be seen as time consuming and furthermore may not even provide any insightful observations which may not be cost effective. On the other hand, the nomothetic approach tends to use scientific methods of research which mirrors the natural sciences, as testing is done under standardised conditions, statistical analysis, prediction and control, for

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1010 words - 5 pages Free shown in his success in the public elections and the consent from officials to join the positions of Chancellor and President, the laws that he used such as Enabling Act and the Reichstag Fire Decree, which were passed legally. However, when assessing the Nazi ‘legal’ consolidation of power it is important to address the number of non-legal factors such as the use of SA terror and the Night of the Long Knives to shape elections and eliminate

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985 words - 4 pages elections and the consent from officials to join the positions of Chancellor and President, the laws he used, such as Enabling Act and the Reichstag Fire Decree, which were passed legally. However, when assessing the Nazi' legal' consolidation of power, it is essential to address the number of non-legal factors, such as the use of SA terror and the Night of the Long Knives to shape elections and eliminate political opponents that contributed to aiding

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717 words - 3 pages stepped in and placed anti-bullying laws that all states must follow. In the wake of several high profile cases among students who were bullied, the federal government made sure that the anti-bullying laws are strictly enforced in school policies to make sure the students and their parents feel safe and secure (Christensen, n.p.). These new policies have been quite effective in many studies across the United States. One study found that the states

Gun Control

440 words - 2 pages don't believe banning guns, is the answer. I do believe more public knowledge and keeping people informed of the dos and dont's of gun use is a must. Finding the source of where these illegal guns are sold is also something we need to spend more money on. If making gun laws stricter include giving proper education before buying, or even touching a gun, than I am all for it. There maybe no real solution now but with more education and knowledge, we can make both armed and unarmed people aware.

The Brady Bill - The Licence To Carry A Gun

1821 words - 8 pages bear arms was important enough to put it ahead of the rights of the accused, the states rights, and the unenumeated rights. Gartner, the noted expert on the use of the English language, is not in any position to interpret the Constitution, or to propose any plan that would deny any citizen the right to own a gun.Advocates of liberalizing the concealed weapons laws sharply disagree. "They counter that people willing to undergo a background check

Racketeering Laws in Italy, Russia and the USA - Law/KCI - Essay

1175 words - 5 pages result of RICO, The IPC and Russian Regulations reforms have been attempted in shutting down the wide webs of organized crime. Societies have grown to live with the alterior forms of governance and the people in power hold too much of their own power to ever relinquish their businesses. As a result of fear these powerful individuals are able to stay where they are and continue to use this agent of fear against rules, laws and government officials. In theory, the acts put in place should have been more effective and universally accepted in order for them to have met their full potential.