Effectiveness Of Gas Powered And Electrical Cars - Physical Science - Essay

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Jasmine Loughry
7th period
The passage “The History of the Electrical Car” is written by the Department of Energy. It
discusses the topic of how the birth of electrical cars was not necessarily as important as
gas-fueled cars. Electrical cars are becoming more popular because of their charisma. It’s known
as the ‘new thing’ and that’s why everybody wants them. Gas powered cars are better because of
the longer distances you can travel with fuel rather than battery operated.
Gas powered cars have been around for around centuries just as long as the electrical
vehicles. Though they have their problems, they became the easier choice. The passage states,
“Electrical cars didn’t have any of the issues associated with steam or gasoline. They were quiet,
easy to drive, and didn’t emit a smelly pollutant like the other cars of the time. Electric cars
quickly became popular with urban residents-especially woman. They were perfect for short trips
around the city, and poor road conditions outside cities meant few cars of any type could venture
farther” (Energy 1). This shows that the fact that electrical cars may have been more enjoyable at
the time, they only were liked to travel short distances. Gas powered cars can go for long periods
of time only stopping every now and then to fill up gas, which only took a few seconds. It
becomes more convenient to have a long lasting drive, especially if​ ​a driver wishes to take road
trips. The passage states, “By the 1920’s, the U.S. has a better system of roads connecting cities,
and Americans wanted to get out and explore. With the discovery of oil, gas became cheap and
readily available for rural Americans, and filling stations began popping up across the country”
(Energy 1). This backs up the statement that, in fact, gas powered cars are the suitable choice.
Also, if a natural disaster comes, the power will most likely go out. If this occurs, the
owner of the car won’t have access to electricity to power up and drive the car somewhere safe.
This also abides to last minute problems when a person doesn’t have time to charge the car up.
With gas-fueled cars, the customer can just stop by a gas station and go. Furthermore, some
residents may not have the electricity to survive their car. The passage states, “ In comparison,
very few Americans outside of cities has electricity at that time. In the end, electric vehicles all
but disappeared by 1935” (Energy 1). Not everybody has complete access to electricity unlike
All in all, the invention of the electric and gas powered cars were both effective, but gas
won the race. They were both popular but gas powered surpasses the electric and steam vehicles
in the long run. Gas powered vehicles became the most convenient part of transportation for
society. They are quick and easy to control.

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