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As a recent high school graduate, I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I said I went all four years happy. There were many mornings where I was mentally drained and like a zombie moving from class to class. I never understood why we students had to wake up so early, it is a proven fact even with a full 8 hours of sleep the brain is still not fully awake, why they would want us in a building at 7:45 am. With I woke many morning thinking to myself do I really have to go to school? I even dared to ask my parents, of course their response was the one every parent would say. I felt a strong connection with John Taylor. I understand why a teacher would think school and teaching is “boring”. I feel like doing something repeatedly can get annoying causing ourselves to grow either hatred or dislike towards something. We go to school everyday at the same time, doing the same thing and as well as seeing the same people. I don’t know about everyone else, but repetition can be really annoying which is probably why John Taylor grew bored of teaching. For this argument I cannot be completely against school, with new technology being invented daily a school is where a child is going to learn the most. With everything going on in the world a school is where you find out why and what lead to the change’s society is going through. Yes, some parents rely heavily on home schooling, but some kids may find it hard to connect with other people especially if they are an only child. School is a place that not only widens your view of the world, but it also shapes it, having human interaction learning how to solve problems shape your personality and overall it tells you what interests you....

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