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Effects of the Age of Digital Media and the Internet on Both Interpersonal Relationships and Intercultural Communication.
Bronwyn Williams
22 March 2019
Effects of the Age of Digital Media and the Internet on Both Interpersonal Relationships and
Intercultural Communication 3
Effects of the Age of Digital media and the Internet on interpersonal relationships 4
Advantages of digital media on interpersonal relationships 5
Disadvantages of digital media on interpersonal relationships 5
Effects of the age of digital media on intercultural communication 6
Advantages of digital media on intercultural communication 6
Disadvantages of digital media on intercultural communication 7
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Effects of the Age of Digital Media and the Internet on Both Interpersonal Relationships and Intercultural Communication.
The brain created social media and social media has shaped the brain. Society has immersed into a digital world, the use of devices and technology allow people to communicate digitally without face-to-face interaction which has resulted in the decrease of face-to-face interaction, our value of interpersonal relationships rapidly diminishing. Social media has turned communication into a social dialogue that dominates the younger generation and their culture. It is the number one use for internet and the percentage is growing everyday, dramatic use of digital communication has led to the questioning of the quality of our interpersonal relationships. Our population has become more dependant on social media which has led to a variety of beneficial and detrimental outcomes, numerous studies have been conducted on social media like the reasons why so many individuals engage in it (Ingram, A.).
Society is believed to become more technologically advanced allowing individuals to do as they please in their own virtual space and individuals can communicate more and become more engaged with individuals globally. Human communication has changed drastically since the age of speech and language many years ago (Bastani, S., Fazel-Zarandi, M.). This new way of communicating through media resulted in human communication and society to an extremely interconnected and complex level yet also challenges intercultural communication in its traditional sense. Some theorists say the age of digital communication has increased interpersonal connections while others say that digital media is an activity done in solitude which decreases face-to-face interaction. In this assignment I will discuss the effects of the age of digital media and the internet on Both interpersonal relationships and intercultural communication as well as the negative and positive effects of digital communication on both communication contexts.
Effects of the Age of Digital media and the Internet on interpersonal relationships
According to Steinburg. S. and Angelopulo. G., early studies suggest that more people who use the Internet showed increased levels...

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