Effects On Globaization In Business Eagle Gate/Organizational Behavior Assignment

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Writing Assignment 1
Company Culture
Stacie J. Rollins
Eagle Gate College
MGT140-A Organizational Behavior 0818
To start my paper, I’m going to talk about what effects dose the globalization of business have on a company’s culture. I will then talk about, what happens when a company starts to grow and is affected by the international world. I will lastly give my thoughts how an organization with strong identity compete with the global marketplace.
Throughout the last decades, the main factor for the life of a business that has become a leading abstraction is the globalization. The occurrence will affect the resources, profession life’s, civilizations, and a lot of surroundings are influenced by these differences. These differences are mainly interconnected to expand competitiveness and the expeditious changes of technology and intelligence conveyance. For someone to confrontation these changes, the establishment will need to keep in mind the different feature of the main outcome of the globalization.
Globalization have led to enlarged competitiveness. The competitiveness can be interconnected to product and utility cost and price, target marketing, technological alteration, swift replies, swift manufacturing by the establishments. Once an establishment manufactures with less cost and sells inexpensive, its able to enlarge its able to enlarge its own market share.
Consumers have a sizable pile of alternative in the market and this in retune will affect the customers behaviors: the customers desire to obtain the goods and assistance fast and in a more organized way then they did before. It’s also anticipate high standard and low cost. All the suppositions hav...


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