Election Of 1948, Basic Questions And Answers Us 2 Assignment

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Election of 1948
Guided Reading Questions
1. Identify the candidates in the 1948 presidential election. Summarize their platform using evidence from the reading. (Include the 3rd party candidates discussed later in the reading)
Harry Truman believed a military reaction might provoke world war 3. The democrat was seen as weak for helping the people in Berlin. Dewey became popular amongst the people because he mildly supported the new deal, stood behind the Truman doctrine, and the berlin airlift. The last candidate was Thurmond, he had popularity in the south, he believed the government was restricting state rights. He didn’t care about having the most votes he just didn’t want the other two to have a clear majority win.
2. What challenges did Harry Truman encounter when he first became President. (List all that apply)
Truman encountered some challenges when he first became President. He troubled with foreign affairs, challenges of stewarding the U.S. from war to peace economy. He dealt with issues of social security, labor issues, civil right issues, and cold war issues.
3. Identify the goals of Harry Truman once he became President of the United States.
· Reinvigorate fdr’s new deal policy
· Reforms for
· Minimum wage
· Public housing
· Aid to schools
· And health insurance
4. What was the Taft- Harley Bill? Explain why Congress felt the need to pass this type of legislation.
· Restricted the activities and power of labor unions
· Established guidelines to correct unions' unfair labor practices...


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