Electromagnetism And The Ways It Impacts Our World With It's Job And Inequieres School Electromagnetism

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“Explain Electromagnetism” Essay Outline
Prompt: Explain Electromagnetism using evidence from the labs and filling any gaps in evidence with previous scientific findings
I. Introduction Paragraph
a. Hook/ Good Beginning – Interesting and creative introduction - Introduce the topic.
Have you ever thought of electromagnetism ot what is electromagnetism, and what is it purpose and job. Well electromagnetism is the interaction of electric currents or fields and magnetic fields, this helps us through motor and generators, Electric buzzers, speakers and headphones, etc. Electromagnetism helps us in various ways on our day to day activities. Electromagnetism had been found since 1820 and ever since it has been used and been developed and used in various ways and forms for different things.
b. Background information (Describing your topic and the scientists involved in the discovery of electromagnetism):
c. Claim (state your viewpoint about how are electricity and magnetism related):
II. Body Paragraph #1: 1st Supporting Claim /Argument: compare electric interaction and magnetic interaction. Explain the characteristics of a magnetic field.
a. Topic Sentence (State supporting claim / argument (inference from lab))
b. Supporting Detail #1
Present Relevant Data about experiments showing electric interaction (checkpoint 1) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
c. Interpret the Data /Analysis
d. Supporting Detail #2
Present relevant data about experiments showing magnetic...

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