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Electronic Literature Pedagogy: A Questionable Approachby: Chris MottWHY SHOULD I TEACH ELECTRONIC LITERATURE?The first reason to teach electronic literature is practical: digital media are the most rapidly growing forms of communication, and they will only grow in their influence and pervasiveness. Most of our students are fairly skillful with electronic technology, but as we all know, skill is not literacy. Literacy includes the ability not only to perform in a given medium, but to think in and beyond that medium, to be able to critique and extend the medium. The unprecedented growth and ubiquity (soon computers will be more common in homes than TVs) of electronic technology demands ...view middle of the document...

Surely, we in the humanities who have taught critical literacy all along are the best equipped to shoulder the responsibility of helping our students not only to understand and use, but to evaluate and create in and through electronic media.In What Video Games Have to Teach Us about Learning and Literacy (NY: Palgrave, 2004), James Paul Gee argues that interactive media (in this case, video games) allow for much deeper understanding of characterization than the old dynamic of identification because they better mimic the mutlilayered information fields our students walk through everyday. In addition, digital texts help promote a broader literacy; the old print literacy is necessary but not adequate for the complex semiotic environment our students must learn to read (19). Finally, digital media offers a richer learning experience because of their very multiplicity: multimedia appeals to multiple learning styles.From a literary standpoint, electronic literature poses the greatest challenge to the canon in the last thirty years. Indeed, electronic literature is the future of literature. Its possibilities are every bit as exciting as the work produced in Paris in the 1920s and at the Iowa Writer's Workshop in the 1960s. To fully realize this potential, our students need to learn the generic conventions, aesthetic criteria, and cultural contexts that define the New Media. Interactivity, for example, is a radical break from print literature and makes of the reader/player a co-author, or co-producer, if you will. Thus, the role of the "critic" will change greatly from the one who approaches a text from the outside to one who "plays" it from the inside. Criticism will take on a more performative role, and students are already assuming this role in their day-to-day semiotic activities.HOW CAN I HELP MY STUDENTS WHO ARE FRUSTRATED OR CONFUSED BY ELECTRONIC LITERATURE?We might find solace in the old adage that any true learning hurts, and we can help our students by remembering that we have strategies for helping them to overcome the frustration and confusion they feel when unable to identify the "hidden meanings" in any literary text. Electronic literature increases the potential frustration by perhaps defying students' sense of what a coherent text looks like and what it means to "read." Teachers can help their students by clearly defining critical tasks-even to the point of delimiting the text in temporal terms (30 minutes rather than thirty pages; see below in HOW DO I ASSIGN READING). Students get a better sense of what's at stake, and what to look for, if they know the historical and social context for devices, conventions and innovations. Finally, because each student's reading experience (and text) could be unique, asking students to collaborate on their interpretations can lead to exciting insights and a more complex understanding than that produced by the student in isolation. Further, using a wiki for student learning could also illuminate,...


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321 words - 2 pages What will the long-term impact of electronic contracting be on the nation's business? The impact of electronic contracting is the enforceability of the contract. Since the federal government enacted the Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act (Electronic Signature..., 2001) which make electronic contracts as enforceable as a paper contract that is signed by all parties. The ease of completing most electronic contracts will

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3311 words - 14 pages Free include:EducationWalesVoluntary organisationDebatingCommunication skillsKey SkillsHigher EducationCurriculumEducational developmentThe ease and convenience offered through research means while these terms may seem to restrict a search at the outset it is a small step to delve more deeply when further conclusions can be drawn from those sources.Critical Appraisal of Electronic ResourcesThe following three criteria have been selected to critically appraise data and assess its

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1031 words - 5 pages Free Running head: ELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORDS VERSUS PAPER RECORDS 1 ELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORDS 5 Electronic Medical Records versus Paper Records Kruti Patel Rasmussen College Author Note: This essay is being submitted on June 14, 2018 for Rebecca Sims’ G124 English Composition course. Electronic Medical Records versus Paper Records An unfortunate incident befell the Bradley Hospital and Sea Little Hospital. Both hospitals suffered an intense fire

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540 words - 3 pages An imaginative journey is characterised by engagement with the unfamiliar, which transports responders into a new context and represents an experience that challenges old perspectives and endorses new ones about the world and themselves. In the electronic image "I want to fly", we engage with the presentation of colour and symbolism, and allow ourselves to be displaced in order to become the character in the image. Initially we are attracted to

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1278 words - 6 pages Curtiss 1 Rebecca Curtiss Dr. Cartwright English 101 19 October 2017 You Can Snapchat, but You Can’t Hide Snapchat is updating, just like the rest of the world, but this (relatively) new update may shock you. Recently, Snapchat has added a new feature they call “Snap Map”(Schlesinger Day). Snap Map, just like many of Snapchat’s original designs and updates is meant to be seen as fun and innocent, but many people feel as though it’s not. Snapchat

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806 words - 4 pages ELECTRONIC NOTICE DISCLOSURE AND CONSENT Please read this Electronic Notice Disclosure and Consent (the “Consent”) carefully and retain a copy for your reference. Citizens Bank and Citizens One are brand names of Citizens Bank, N.A. (“Citizens”). In this agreement, "we", "us" and "our" mean Citizens and "you" and "your" means each account holder, product owner and/or service user identified on an account, product or service. This Consent

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400 words - 2 pages Sample Test - EC 1. Banks use __________, which are electronic transmissions of account information over private communications networks.a. WANs b. EFTs c. EDIs d. VANs 2. __________ occurs when one business transmits computer-readable data in a standard format to another business.a. VAN b. EFT c. EDI d. WAN 3. In examining a commerce transaction from

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811 words - 4 pages the time, on the car. They operate in our homes and our schools 3) What Is the definition of Computer? A computer is an electronic device, operating under the control of instructions stored in its own memory. 4) Are data and information synonymous? Explain why. I think not because a data is a representation of some situation without transmitting any message, while the information is a set of data which are processed and provide a message. 5) What

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3279 words - 14 pages BOURNEMOUTH UNIVERSITY MSc Marketing Management December 2018 AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE IMPACT OF ELECTRONIC WORD OF MOUTH ON PURCHASE INTENTION OF GENERATION Y TOWARDS THE FASHION APPAREL INDUSTRY IN VIETNAM A proposal submitted by HA MINH LE Under the supervision of: Dr. Kaouther Kooli Table of Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Outline Literature Review 5 2.1. Definition of key terms 5 2.2. The elaboration likelihood model 5 2.3. Related studies 5

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1305 words - 6 pages if there is a pattern of need. If the employees believe the facilities need to be updated, that may be of utmost importance. Kermani, Z. J., Tatari, E., Sameie, G., & Motalebipour, H. (2015). Measuring customer satisfaction: evidence from digital library. Management Science Letters,5(5), 525-530. doi:10.5267/j.msl.2015.2.012 This study from Iran focuses on measuring customer service satisfaction in a digital space. Electronic libraries have

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2855 words - 12 pages Free communication methods used in organizations. There have been several big changes in the business environment since the last decade that have radically impacted the process of business communication or communication with in organizations. The new methods of communication that have transformed communication methods today are electronic communication, International communication, and non-discriminatory communication. In this paper, we will focus on the

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1614 words - 7 pages utilise. Due to the international nature of HSBC bank, a wide area network it seemed to be more appropriate whilst in the case of the Bank of Valletta a local area network seemed more adequate.Smart cards and credit cards are another two electronic forms of payment offered by banks. The actual smart card differs from the student smart card because even though the latter has a magnetic stripe and is also used as a form of payment, it is not related

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512 words - 3 pages , the oil industry will be in trouble. Thus, the oil industry should be the first one to find more convenient solutions to satisfy the customers' needs so it can preserve its leading status within its industry. Automakers and electronic industries all fail to find its ideal marketing strategies. American automakers have been lagging behind the customers' needs, and as it has been seen lately, foreign automakers have been taking over the American

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483 words - 2 pages , delivery and reconciliation. It can also reduce the amount of paperwork that the cheque brings itself, which can reduce theft and increase security. By reducing the paperwork, it can reduce clerical work and errors through automation. Instead of the delay in sending the cheques, electronic funds transfer would provide instant collection and sending of money. On the other hand, this new service will require us to re-vamp the way we send funds (via

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5535 words - 23 pages humidity, pressure and temperature are assumed to be constant. From the processed data table it can be seen that trial 1, 3, 4 and 5 have similar results hence they are reliable. On the other hand, trial 2 has a relatively low mass difference (0.010g) which could be an unreliable datum. Errors Improvements Random Errors This experiment includes random errors such as fluctuation of the electronic balance. The processed data