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1. Pick one element from the periodic table.
2. Make a trading card with information about that element. This trading card should be on both sides of a piece of material 11 x 8.5 in.
3. The front side of this card needs to have a Bohr-Rutherford diagram of your element, as well as the name and symbol. You also need to include atomic # and atomic mass on this side.
4. The back side of this card should contain as much of the information listed below as is possible to fit onto the card. Any other facts could also be added. You need to have at least 10 different facts!
· Year of discovery
· Name of discover
· Where it was found
· State (solid, liquid or gas)
· Colour
· Metal, non-metal or metalloid
· Boiling point
· Density
· Melting point
· Valence electron
· Reactivity
· Flammability
· Common uses
5. Your card will be marked as to its appearance and the contents of the information supplied. You can use colour and pictures to make it look attractive. The pictures should relate to the uses of the element.
6. Your card will be marked on the quality of information and appearance of your card.
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