Elevator Lab Report With Newtons Laws Physics Assigment

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Prepared By: Luis Romanos
Prepared For: Mr. Foote
Course: SPH3U
Due Date: Monday April 30th,2018
With this lab we have demonstrated our knowledge of Newton’s 3 law, initially with the test mass inside the elevator at rest, it observe through the first and third Newton's law (law of inertia and law of action-reaction) that the mass on the scale will present an initial state in balance of forces, where the scale, the which measures the normal, will register the weight because in that state the normal and the weight coincide. Subsequently, according to elevator movement this balance will tend to alter. Given Newton's second law (law of movement) explains the change, the which will be reflected in the change of normal recorded by the scale.
This lab is about demonstrating our knowledge of Newton’s 3 laws by describing the forces that act on a person when riding in an elevator on a trip both down and then a trip back up.
My hypothesis is that when we are on our trip down at the beginning the mass is going to decrease a bit then when, we are at a constant velocity in the middle, the mass will be the same as the one we measured at rest outside and then when we are slowing down to stop the mass should increase a bit. Then on our trip up the opposite should happened at the beginning it should increase, the remain at rest and at the end it should decrease.
· Elevator
· Bathroom scale
· Slow-motion camera/phone (optional)
1. At first you should get the bathroom scale and measure the mass of one of your members of the group. You should do this outside the elevator because you wont have time to measure the mass once you are inside.
2. When you are ready to get into the elevator prepare the slow motion camera.
3. Get inside the elevator and put the bathroom scale on the floor then the person who was before weighted should stand in the bathroom scale....


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