Elizabeth’s Impact On England And Its Role English I Essay

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English I
5 December 2016
Elizabeth’s Impact on England and Its Role
In the 1300s, a worldwide phenomenon would change the culture, music, literature, art, and leadership around the world. This time was known as The Renaissance and it marked a major milestone in humanity’s existence. During The Renaissance, England’s new Queen arose to power and reshaped her country for the better. Her name was Queen Elizabeth and her efforts impacted her country's role in the world.
During her early years, Elizabeth was respected as a talented member of the court but faced several hardships along the way. Elizabeth was born on September 7th, 1533 in her hometown of Greenwich, England. She was the daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Elizabeth was very talented in several fields during her youth. Her skill in the field of linguistics was phenomenal. When ambassadors of neighbouring countries would visit England, they were astonished by Elizabeth’s skills. By herself, she was able to completely translate a Latin book in her spare time. Not only were her language skills exquisite, she was very mature for someone of her age. Elizabeth was able to use the popular mythological and political references at the time in everyday speech. These abilities she had developed influenced her ascension to the throne. England’s ascension to the throne was an unpleasant experience for Elizabeth. On November 17th of 1558, the current queen passed and Elizabeth was next in line for the position and was crowned Queen of England. England’s condition was at ease during her childhood, but as she grew older England grew worse. Elizabeth’s ascension to the throne gave her several problems to deal with. Although Elizabeth was expecting an easier transition, she would prove herself as a great leader. Elizabeth was respected as a smart lady in the court but faced several problems whilst ascending to the throne.
A major factor of Elizabeth’s success was the fact that she did not share her reign with a king. Many citizens were upset with only a queen as a ruler. Due to Elizabeth’s single status, there was no King to rule alongside her. Several people were upset with this for they believed someone as feminine as Elizabeth wouldn’t be able to control the kingdom. One of Elizabeth’s relatives, Mary, shared the thoughts the people had and wished to overthrow Elizabeth and take over the throne. The succession of Elizabeth’s reign seemed as if it was coming to a close after ruling for such a short time. Without a king to rule alongside her, her decisions were much better for her kingdom. Although having two rulers seems like a good idea, having just Elizabeth as queen allowed her to make better decisions swiftly (Streissguth, Tom 113). This was very important in crucial decisions, specifically foreign affairs, and greatly impacted Elizabeth’s effectiveness as a queen.
Religion in England was unorganised and out of control prior to Elizabeth’s reign, but...

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