Emotional Intelligence And Nursing - Nursing - Essay

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School of Nursing
Spring 2018
Details of Assessment Tasks
1. Assessment task 1
Assessment Title eLearning Posting
Task Description
Choose one (1) of the three (3) concepts below as applied to the health
context :
• self-awareness,
• emotional intelligence or
• empathy
Based on the concept you have chosen, post a short answer (total of 700
words) in the Moodle discussion forum (in the assessment 1 folder) that
addresses the following:
1. Source an established definition relevant to the healthcare
context for your chosen concept. The definition can be used as your
introduction. Briefly explain your understanding of the concept using in-
text referencing to support your discussion. (Around 300 words)
2. Discuss how your chosen concept can be applied in healthcare
practice and list at least three positive outcomes the person
receiving care may experience as a result. (Around 300 words)
3. Conclusion- Briefly summarise the key points expressed in the
body of the work, as well as the key learning from your research
(Around 100 words).
4. Provide a list of the references used (using UOW Harvard
Reference style) at the end of your posted answer (this is not
included in the word count).
For more information on this assessment, please see the
assessment 1 folder on the NMIH101 Moodle site.
Lecture notes or online subject-related materials are NOT acceptable as
supporting references
Assessment Due Date Thurs 22 March 2018 (Week 4)
Return Date to
Within 15 days of due date
Length 700 words (excluding Reference list)
Weighting 20%
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Assessment Criteria Your assignment will be evaluated using an assessment rubric
Referencing Style Author – Date (Harvard)
A summary of the Harvard system can be accessed in the online guide on
the Library website at:
Submission Submit your posts via the subject Moodle site (select your group by
campus and group number).
Subject Learning
Outcomes Assessed
1, 2, 3, 4, 6
1. Demonstrate a beginning awareness of the concepts of self, self
-awareness and the therapeutic use of self in interactions with
2. Describe the basic processes of interpersonal and organisational
communication, including potential barriers to effective
communication, issues of power and the role of verbal and non-
verbal communication
3. Demonstrate an awareness of a range of communication skills
appropriate to health care relationships
4. Differentiate between therapeutic and non
-therapeutic interpersonal communication and between
professional and non-professional relationships
6. Demonstrate appropriate academic and professional presentation
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Assessment Rubric: Assessment Task 1
Criteria High Distinction Distinction Credit Pass Fail Absent
Content: 70%
Chooses concept and
provides a definition
relevant to the
healthcare context
The definition has been
identified and is clear. The
definition is highly accurate
and specif...

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