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Empirical studies suggest that alcohol and illicit-drug use among youth may be associated with listening to popular music (e.g., hard rock, heavy metal, rap, and techno; Arnett, 1991, 1992; Forsyth et al., 1997; Hitzler, 2002; Miranda and Claes, 2004). In the world of hip hop culture alcohol and drug usage reigns supreme. Drugs ranging from marijuana and cocaine usage, to abusing prescription medication such as Percocet and Promethazine. With the mind of a youth being so impressionable and being that listening to music is the number-one rated leisure-time activity for American youth (Roberts et al., 1999a,b); it is critical we analyze the effect music has on the mind of the youth subculture in regards to drugs and alcohol usage.
“Most American parents want to restrict children's access to entertainment glamorizing violence, sex, drug use, or vulgar language.” (Rabkin, 2018) However, instead of shelling our youths from the reality of drug abuse we should be critical in our analysis of why this subculture exists. Youth subcultures have specifically been noted for their prominent role in shaping drug use patterns and trends among young adults (Hebdige 1979; Perrone 2009). Almost in cult-like form, youths assemble and indulge in drugs while listening to their favorite music which encourages them to use more drugs. Rapper Fredo Santana who passed away at the age of 27 due from a fatal seizure due to abuse of the prescription medication promethazine. Santana has a cult-like following of youth who listen to his music. In his song, 2 cups rapper Fredo Santana says, “Two cups, two cups, two cups is all I need ran out of syrup, need more lean need more Backwoods, need more weed couple Perc pills, can't forget my zannies”. “In 2008, Lil Wayne talked to MTV about his dependence to lean, stating that loved ones have pleaded with him to stop using the drug but that cutting cold turkey is not easy.” (DrugsRehab, 2018) Many individuals express how unbearable the withdrawal symptoms are when they are not able to obtain their drug.
“In 2016, approximately 8 percent of teens used tranquilizers and sedatives, including Xanax, according to the Monitoring the Future survey” (DrugsRehab, 2018). Music with lyrics encouraging drug usage impacts the way our youths perceive the dangers about drug consumption. These subcultures develop their own distinct values and fashions that serve as the price of entry into the particular group. (Blair, 1993) Television advertising serves as an excellent medium for examining the influence of rap on the mainstream audience. Because children and teens are consumers of rap music, as well as products associated with its identifiable look, it is only logical that rap would be used to promote products to these age groups. (Blair, 1993) “A study conducted by University of California, Berkeley backs up the data, stating that between 1979 and 1984, about 11% of rap songs have drugs reference; in the late 1980s, the number rose to 19%; and...


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