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NAME: Maryanne DajkovichASSESSMENT TASK: Employment and the Law EssayWORD COUNT: 2667 words not including appendix.MODULE: Module 3.LECTURER: Tim BartramDATE DUE: 15 November 2004DATE SUBMITTED: 15 November 2004.Businesses and organizations exist for a variety of purposes whether it be to provide goods for consumption or to provide services for profit or for the benefit of the community.Optometric practices such as Freda Nurk's provide goods by the way of optical appliances to their patients or clients and optometry services including eye examinations, visual screenings and vision training. Optometry is classified as being a Health Service industry and therefore relies heavily on the quality ...view middle of the document...

After an unfair dismissal claim she has realised the importance of HR management to her business growth and taken steps to remedy her "weak area"; people management by employing a Practice Manager, Adam to improve her HRM.For Adam to implement a successful HR plan he needs to ensure that all Freda's employees understand the HR planning process, that management is supportive which Freda appears to be, that communication is healthy between management and employees and that the plan is integrated with the organizations strategic business plan (Stone, R; 1998, p63). Before Adam begins making drastic changes within the organization he needs to spend some time getting an overview of how the organization functions currently and where the strengths and weakness are. Building up a rapport with current employees and developing effective communication lines is an important component of building trust if his "new ideas" are to be accepted and adopted by staff without morale and productivity being affected.In advising Adam on how to go about developing a HR plan he should firstly review what HR functions are currently in place at Freda's practices? While she appears to be extremely organised and has a strong commitment to quality and excellence in her dealings with customers the fact that she has recently had an unfair dismissal claim brought against her possibly indicates that her "sound business acumen" falls down when it comes to actually managing the business. She is so busy working in it that she does not have the time to "manage" the business and the staff.As a management consultant I would suggest Adam ask her some of the following questions:Does she have a Strategic Business Plan?Is there a Marketing Plan for the business?Is there a Policies and Procedures Manual?How are staff remunerated, how is sick and holiday leave kept track off and legislative requirements for superannuation tracked etc?How are staff recruited and trained?The development of a strategic plan for Freda's business is an important place to start implementing better management practices and to begin developing a culture within the organization where "service, quality and efficiency" are part of a shared vision for the business between staff and management.A strategic plan consists of five interrelated managerial tasks:Developing a strategic vision of where the organization is headedSetting Objectives.Crafting or developing a strategy to achieve the desired outcomesImplementing and executing the strategy efficiently and effectively.Evaluating performance and actual experiences, changing conditions, new ideas or opportunities.(Thompson and Strickland, 2001. p6)The development of a strategic business plan can be used to generate ideas from staff and give them a sense of ownership of the business and control over activities occurring around them and to them.This helps to maintain staff morale and may even increase their productivity as the objectives and goals that are set are not being...

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