Enders Game Essay For Ap Ela 9 It’s A 95 Villains In The Book - Ela - Essay

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Parker Mangone
Ender’s Game ​essay
25 March 2019
In the novel​ Ender's Game​ by Orson Scott an important character in the novel is Bonzo.
Bonzo plays the role of an villain. Throughout the book Bonzo is characterized as a young,
aggressive and highly ambitious student. He will fight at any cost and this causes tension and
conflict which builds his role as a Villain.
When ender first joins the salamander army bonzo is very harsh and rude to him right off
the back and this causes tension.Ender was hanging with Launchies and Bonzo did not like it
because his job is to make a soldier out of him and pulls ender to the side. Bonzo says, “Listen,
Wiggin, I don't want you, i'm trying to get rid of you, but don't give me any problems or ill paste
you to the wall ”(Page 121). Bonzo was being overly aggressive to ender on his first day part of
the salamander army and this makes him a villain. Ender is defeated in battle and lets down
Bonzo and Bonzo gets upset at ender. According to the text it says, “ You disobeyed me,” bonzo
said. Loudly, for all to hear. “No good soldier ever disobeys.” Even as he cried from pain, Ender
could not help but take vengeful pleasure in the murmurs he heard rising through the barracks.
You fool, … You made yourself look stupid.” Bonzo is very rude to ender since he lost the battle
and this causes tension between ender and bonzo.
The conflict between bonzo and ender builds up until both of them just snap and end up
fighting each other because of it .Bonzo is being extremely harsh to ender for losing the battle
and very rude to him. Bonzo becomes very angry with ender. According to the text it says,”
Bonzo's anger was growing hot. Hot anger was bad. Ender’s anger was cold, and he could use it.
Bonzos was hot , so it used him.”(Page 1 ). Bonzo's anger creates tension and conflict with
ender. Bonzo and ender fight. According to the text it says Naked and wet and alone… I can't
help that i'm bigger than you.”(page 209) Bonzos aggression leads to the fight between ender
and bonzo.
Bonzo is a Villain since he was always very harsh, and aggressive towards ender. Because of
this he is seen as a villain because since he is very harsh and aggressive towards ender this
creates tension and conflict. Because of the tension and conflict bonzo and ender duel and ender

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