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       Throughout the course of history, every society has had to address enduring issues with different results one enduring issue is power. Power was shown during the medieval times when there was a spit in Christianity caused by the decision on who should be the head of the church. Like with all enduring issues this one has affected and is still affecting people and continues to be a recurring issue.
      In medieval Europe, the roman catholic church had a strong amount of power over every individual which is described by document 2. The church had a great impact in the lives of the richest king to the lowest serf since their births In document 2 it stated “The role of the church was very large in medieval Europe. More than any institution, it unified Europeans and gave every person a sense of how the world worked.” The church had the power to keep medieval Europe unified by advertising that people need to pay heavy taxes to support the church and in return, the people would have a long happy life. The people listened and obeyed everything that the church said for they thought doing what they were told by the church would help better their lives. An example of this would be when the church started the crusades for the pope told the people if they went to fight to recover the holy land they would be forgiven for any sins they committed and would be able to go to heaven. In addition in document 2, it stated: “the church to become very powerful, and it often used this power to influence kings to do as wanted.”  Meaning that the church was extremely influential at that this time period that they impacted the ruler's actions. The church was able to kick out rulers who did not agree with their actions.
The church had and still continues to have power in the lives of people who practice this religion. Christians all over the world still listen to the pope who is located in Italy.
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