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Storm Of The Century by Steven King
Setting: This book takes place on little tall island off the coast of Maine and in this town everyone knows
each other. It is 1989 and the townspeople of Little Tall are preparing for what they are referring to as
“the storm of the century” Throughout the books they never left Little Tall but there were Maine parts
where things happened on the island. The food store, the daycare, the police station, but most of all
town hall. The town hall is where all of the people gather when the storm gets really bad. The town hall
was very well described and I could almost see it while reading. It was described as a typical town hall
with a big open room with a bunch of benches, and a kitchen in the back. There was also the police
station where they had a homemade cell which held Linoge at one point. The station was small, as seen
in the picture that was in the book, but since it takes place on a small island it is very believable.
Complication: The complication arises almost immediately into the book when all of the islanders are
running around doing last minute things to prepare for the storm of the century that they have been
expecting. The oldest person on the island Martha is murdered in her home and since it is a small town
it is not long before the whole town knows they have a killer on the loose. Mike investigates the house
and even finds Linoge sitting in the chair eating cookies. The whole town is struck with fear and are
overwhelmed at the fact there is a killer on the island.
Rising Action: The rising action is when people start to randomly kill themselves in harsh ways and we
eventually learn that Linoge can control people and has powers. We also learn that Linoge wants
something and will not leave until he gets it. Linoge gives off an uncomfortable feeling and is always
Main Turning Point: The main turning point is when the town and Mike realize they are dealing with
something evil, and he is actually an evil old wizard. They need to bound together to save their children
and themselves. They have no idea what to expect but still face it head on. This makes Linoge prove to
them that they all will die if they do not listen, so they end up letting Linoge take one of the children.
Climax: The climax is when they decide to let Linoge take one of the children to keep his legacy going.
After they do this Linoge does leave and they all get to live. Linoge threatens to make them all disappear
into the water which drives them to do so.
Falling Action: This is when Mike leaves Little Tall Island and moves to Maine. HE leaves his wife and all
his friends for making him loose his son and starts a new life. He then explains the corruption that has
happened on Little Tall island and how Hatch his partner is now with his wife, although he wishes them
happiness. He talks about the deaths and the new people on the island as well.
Conclusion: The conclusion of the book was with Mike having flash backs of Linoge and...

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