Engineering Review For Chapter 3 And Chapter 4 Of Material Science Class Prairie View A&M University, Cheg 2013 Test Review

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Tiarra Rodrigues Chemical Engineering 11/1/2017—Wed (2:00-2:50)
1. Which of the following statements best describes "cognitive learning"?
· It entails the acquisition of new knowledge and intellectual skills
2. In Bloom's Taxonomy, the highest level intellectual skill is:
· Creating
3. Mr. C. M. Knaphle, Jr., of Philadelphia, was:
· A coal salesman
4. Which statement are true about taking notes on a computer
· Perfect legible notes
· Keep notes one place
· Share electronically
· Notes can be research
· Download info
· Move info around easy
· Note-taking will be simplified in courses with a lot of equations
· Bring laptop to class
· Type slow
· Portion notes seen
· Battery life
5. Within engineering education, what are example of psychomotor learning:
· actions instruments or tools or actions that demonstrate motor skill such as dance or athletic performance
· Calculating
6. Sensing learners:
· Focus on things that can be seen, heard, or touched
· Like facts and data
7. Global learners:
· Tend to learn in large jumps, absorbing material almost randomly without seeing connections
8. Metacognition is:
· The process of improving your learning by observing it and making changes based on what you observe
9. Two ways learners differ in the way they prefer to process new information are:
· Active vs. reflective
10. "If I have seen a little further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants" is a famous quote by:
· Isaac Newton
11. Your professors can:
· Help you find a summer job in industry
· Hire you on their research grants
· Provide you one-on-one instruction
· Nominate you for a scholarship
· Correct Response 
· All of the above
12. Which of the following is characteristic of "expert" learners?
· They plan their approach to learning
13. If your professor uses PowerPoint presentations in lectures, you should:
· Do your best to capture the main ideas
14. An overarching mistake made by many engineering students is to:
· Assume engineering study will be like high school
15. A course syllabus typically includes:
· Instructor information
· Course description
· Basis for grading
· Textbook and other reference materials
· Correct Response 
· All of the above
16. The reason students give for not asking questions in class is:
· I was afraid I would look stupid
· I don't want to bring attention to myself
· I was too confused to know what to ask
· I didn't want to take time away from the instructor or other students
· Correct Response 
· All of the above
17. "Be here now" means:
· Keeping your attention focused during class
18. If the way...

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