England's Attempt At Imperializing China, How It Had Less Of An Impact Than Expected

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The English were not as successful at imperializing China as they were India and Africa. The Chinese were a very ethnocentric society, so they would not allow Europeans to influence them as heavily as the Europeans would have liked to. In both of these documents we see this idea of Chinese ethnocentrism demonstrated.In the Chinese emperor's response to Lord McCartney's request to have European trade in China, we see how the Chinese believed that they were the only nation that mattered. They truly believed that theirs was the ideal society, and all other people should strive to be like them. The emperor made it seem as though he was doing them a huge favor to just be able to go to his land. He calls the Europeans "barbarians", implying that the Chinese were above them. He believed that through some divine right, he and all of his people were higher than everyone else in the world.In Commissioner Lin's letter to Queen Victoria we see another side of the Chinese. They never back down and totally give in to the Europeans, as that was beneath them and they still had their pride. This letter is the closest to begging that the Chinese would ever come. It is basically a plea to the Queen for her people to stop selling opium to the Chinese. The irony in the letter is that the English had so much opium from India, and they would not sell it to their own people because they knew its horrible effects on them. So, they figured they might as well make a profit of it and sell the drug to the Chinese. Opium is an extremely addictive drug and once they started using it, the Chinese continued to buy it. Even in a situation like this, where many countries or people would have given up the self-righteous state of mind, China keeps her divine right persona, and coolly asks for the Queen of England to take opium out of China.China was extremely ethnocentric. The fact that they even asked anything of the Europeans was a sign of the urgency of their plea for the opium be taken out of their "Celestial Empire." That was a huge sign that the English had weakened the Chinese. We also see here a decline in their own sense of power.


How 'Roseanne', the tv show relates to the sociological aspect of women and work. I had to write this for an extra credit paper, it's not great, but it gets the point across

524 words - 3 pages character. She works on and off in a diner and most likelyreceives minimum wage. Whenever she is at work, she is constantly arguingwith her male boss or complaining about something or other. He's a nice guy,but outright says that he doesn't want to know about Roseanne's personalproblems all of the time. He wears a suit and tie whenever he shows anappearance (which is only occasionally) and he is always nicely puttogether, unlike Roseanne and her other

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1927 words - 8 pages Free Sapon 1 “Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?” An Analysis of How Adolescents Form Friendships In American schools the ethnic composition has shifted drastically in the last decade and urban areas have seen the changes more than any other area (Echols and Graham 462). With this shift in demographic it is to be assumed that the nature and behavior of adolescents in these new environments would change. More diversity

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786 words - 4 pages Free Barrett Howell Mr. Newman Honors English, Period 6 18 March 2019 The Road Less Traveled Cormac McCarthy’s The Road is the hard-hitting truth to the fantastic apocalyptic adventures in Hollywood that everyone believes. The jarring simplicity of the plot and what it entails paints a deeper more saturated image of what lies beneath the facade of humanity. Encountering hordes of murderers, marauders, cannibals, and slavers along their journey a boy

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1754 words - 8 pages and has only wished to return home, yet upon seeing El Dorado; he thinks it is more beautiful than his home.After traveling a short distance, he and Cacambo notice that riches are everywhere. Gold is on the highways and children are playing with precious stones as if they were common stones. They assume that the children must be the children of the king and wander past them. They eat at an inn and are surprised to find that they are not required to

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1474 words - 6 pages detail that Foucault probably would have vouched for in his essay. Acknowledgements At the beginning of my essay, Rachel Von Zwehl pointed out that one of my ideas was not fully realized and expanded upon so I had to review what I meant by fear in the Europeans during the plague. Shannon Flaherty added later in the paragraph that I needed to clear my thoughts up again by editing a section to make it fit logically and chronically in my essay. After

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524 words - 3 pages Ms. Kasey Lewis-English (Major Depression, 2016) 02/28/19 Expository Paper-Topic Major Depression Most people have felt sad or depressed at times. Feeling depressed can be a normal reaction to loss, life’s struggles, or an injured self-esteem. But when feelings of intense sadness including feeling helpless, hopeless, and worthless last for days to weeks and keep you from functioning normally, your depression may be something more than sadness

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638 words - 3 pages only some had found meaning in what they do. In the chapter based on coal miners the book points out to us that not only are the miners unseen from us doing their work but also rather overlooked or not looked at by everyone everyday that uses something that depends on coal like electricity generation and steel production. Most of the miners that said the motivation behind them working in the mines was it is a good paying jobs and they just see

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1764 words - 8 pages Antony epitomizes the traditional tragic hero. The elements that constitute Antony's tragic standing are centrally developed by the conflict between Roman duty and Egyptian sensuousness. The audience empathises with the nature of his demise, as it deems Antony a morally respectable person, and can understand his downfall as a result of the conflict.The conflict embodies his tragic flaw, which is his stubbornness in trying to achieve an elusive

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498 words - 2 pages Intelligence. b) Discuss what emotional intelligence has to do with Teams / Teamwork. (No less than two complete paragraphs - five sentences each). The ability to detect and to manage emotional cues and information. In order for a team to be successful its members must exhibit the ability to perceive emotions in self and others (conscientiousness), understand the meaning of emotions (cognitive) and regulate emotions (emotional stability). When an

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2150 words - 9 pages Free open up fourteen selected provinces along the coast and begin international trade, mainly with the United States who at the time were one of the front leaders among the trading countries. However, Breslin (2013) noted that it was in fact 1992 that China truly became a contender for the leading trading power, with 1993 being the year that China had been able to negotiate deals with the USA to become one of the major inflows of FDI to China

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1336 words - 6 pages ” (South African History Online , 2000) Thus supporting the statement that International Communities had an important role in the abolishment of Apartheid as it can clearly evident through the statement that International effort was being taken to exclude South Africa and stop trade all in an attempt tpo get South Africa to abolish Apartheid. The 1970s approached and the support for anti-apartheid only grew. 1970s In 1977 the UN set up mandatory

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1773 words - 8 pages complexity than that of China. China has also had great cosmopolitan cities, architectural wonders and beautiful art, poetry and writing. Yet there is one major question that remains to be answered. If China was such a wonderfully innovative, developed and advanced civilization how did they not emerge as a great industrial power in the recent centuries? This topic is a complex and complicated one that deserves it's own essay but a simple answer would

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825 words - 4 pages Free pick up on the ironic lyrics. Then, he closed out with an original: "I Am Not Retarded, I'm ADD and Broken-Hearted." The audience thankfully picked up on the humor of it, as it was less subtle than that of the Cash song.David got into the music once the audience laughed at his jokes, and finally found his musical niche. Although he only took up eleven of his fifteen minutes, he had "sung one of his own songs to a real audience in a town that had a music scene." While his turn on the open mike wasn't quite what he had expected, David had finally performed in front of spectators, and could now cross that off of his life's list of things to do.

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607 words - 3 pages makes him go back to challenge his uncle. ‘And so we are all connected in the circle of life’ the protagonist is told this by his father who teaches him how to be a great king, this is said in a serious tone which tells us readers that the matter had to be taken seriously. The symbolism found in ‘The Lion King’ is the key concept to what the story really means. In the first few minutes of the movie the antagonist is confronted by his brother and

Discuss At Least One Possible Cause Of A Named Learning Difficulty Other Than Autism (E.G. Dyslexia, Dyscalcylia). Refer To Evidence In Your Answer (12 Marks)

974 words - 4 pages change in the dots. The psychologist recorded the number of dots that had to change direction at the same time before the dyslexic would notice a difference. The results were that dyslexics spotted changes less than non-dyslexics did and they needed more dots to change direction at the same time than non-dyslexics did. Livingstone and Galaburda have also conducted research, which supports Stein - they used EEG's and found the Magno pathway which sends