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English 4 1.11 Macbeth Observation, Interpretation, And Critique

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English 4 1.11 Macbeth Observation, Interpretation, and CritiqueIn William Shakespeare's story Macbeth, the hero, faces a conflict that impacts how the play will go and delivers a message within the story. The conflict starts with the prophecies of the Weird Sisters and later on gets worse from the trickery of Lady Macbeth. The result concludes a series of repeating thoughts running through Macbeth's mind, ...view middle of the document...

On one of Macbeth's shoulders is the white angel, his conscience, and on the opposite shoulder sits the red devil, that represents the Weird Sisters and Lady Macbeth's tricks. Macbeth's conscience tells him all the reasons why he should let Duncan live. Duncan is a king that has ruled Scotland well by far.Therefore Duncan's death would not be favored by any one, it will be as an act of betrayal and disloyalty, not relief. With Macbeth committing murder, he risks his honor; Macbeth has been proven to be a loyal and honorable noble. If the murder leads Macbeth back to the investigators, Macbeth's life will be ruined. Macbeth's wife helps him to reconsider the effects of killing Duncan. While being king, Macbeth will be more powerful than a noble.Lady Macbeth does this so out of love for her husband, and for her own benefit, she refuses to suffer her husband's uncertainty and attacks Macbeth's manhood in order to convince him to take this opportunity to achieve his ambitions by killing Duncan. With Lady Macbeth's threat and his conscience destroyed, Macbeth sets out to do the work evil.

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