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Alyssa Lubbert
English 3
24 March 2018
Why You Do Need to Stop Smoking?
Jennifer was making herself in the career world. But it was taking a toll and one of her coworkers asked if she wanted one cigarettes, and she said yes. After 3 years of being on cigarettes, she noticed that her body was changing because she was smoking 5 cigarettes daily. She notices a smell that wasn’t there before, losing her voice, and was having heart and breathing problems. She didn’t know that if smoking cigarettes that these issues will come up and face you head on. She was on the top of the world but now she just like everyone else.
Smoking is dangerous due to it is one of the main causing in death for the United States. Every year there are 480,000 deaths. That is one in five people! Also, there are negative effects that comes along with smoking cigarettes. One of the leading cancer disease of smoking is lung cancer. You need to quit smoking because do you want any of the negative effects that comes along? There been prove that you can spend up to $5,000 dollars to on cigarettes.
One of the negative effect of smoking is the smell. It can be a hard smell like poo or a bad fart. The toxicants of the cigarettes can effects of the biology of person or persons. It can affect the organ systems like the liver, lungs and heart. The smoker doesn’t know the smoke can affect other people can get second hand smoke and third hand smoke. The third hand smoke can leave on household things with the toxicants. Also, third hand smoke can be on hair, skin and clothing (Adhami). It is a big negative
effect of smoking because it shows that the person doesn’t care what their family smell like or they really don’t care. If still want to get it off in your household, bleach can’t do it at all. The third hand smoke is tougher than bleach, so you got to live with it. Also, kids are at higher risk to get second-hand smoke as well first-hand smoke because they want to touch things and put it their hands. You got to change your ways or quit smoking in sake of your children.
You wake up from a perfect sleep and you can’t talk because you lost your voice box. Smoking can make you lose your voice or even worse getting lung cancer. “Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a disease that gets worse over time and causes wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and other symptoms,” (Aspa). You probably think it nothing but really it be more dangerous for go unnoticed because the smoker thinks that if just the environment that is lungs are getting shortness of breath from. It can tear up your lungs or scar it up. Also, even though that a cigarette is bad for you, you are breathing over 4,000 chemicals are use in daily use to clean something or getting nail paint off. And those chemicals are making your lungs black because of the tar and other chemicals. There are many more disease that it can get into your lungs system like Chronic bronchitis, it can block the ...


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