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Mrs Lizzy’s House
It was early in the summer of 2018 in small rural community in Newfoundland. There
was not much to do around that small community for entertainment so we all had to find a way
to have fun.
So my name is Angel and I’ll be telling the story of the night we decided to break into an
old house that is located in the middle of the community where I am from.
So it all started one night when we were just walking around and talking trying to figure
out what to do, it was a foggy Wednesday night, we were all very bored and could not seem to
come up with anything to do with our time. As we were all walking through the community and
then Mitchell said “How about we go into the yellow house that Miss Lizzy use to own. I heard
her son is soon coming out to knock it down.” We all headed to my garage to get some tools to
open the door to the house.
After an hour of looking for tools we needed to get inside the house we all headed up
there in a group we started to take out the screws to open the door. We tried to be very quiet due
to the house being in the middle of the community. We finally got into the house and it was very
dark and we all tried our best not to make noise in fear of getting caught there.
We all split up into groups to see what we could find that belonged Miss Lizzy, and we
decided to take one belonging of hers that we would return at the end of the summer. And to
mention there was so many cool things left behind in her house. About 20 minutes later all of us
we deep into exploring the house, and all of a sudden we heard a noise that came from upstairs.
Before Haileigh and I went to check we had to make sure the floor was safe to walk on and that
it would not rot underneath us. As soon as we checked the floor the both of us went upstairs to
check out what has happened to only find that Noah had on the ladies clothes and was all dressed
up laughing at what he had done.
Once we discovered where the noise ...

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