English Short Story: Just The Two Of Us - English Class - Short Story

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Analisa Albino
Mrs. Boutillier
March 8, 2018
Just the Two of Us
The street lamp seemed brighter with her underneath. She looked at me and
there was just the two of us. I looked right into her eyes. The light making them look
alive but all I could focus on was the sparkle in her beautiful eyes. Their colour was a
soft dark brown but had a lighter brown shade surrounding her pupils. A ring of
gold hung inside her iris, adding another layer of depth to her already beautiful
eyes. Her eyes resembling a chestnut, maybe even a mocha latte with caramel
drizzle. Her favourite. I opened my mouth to speak, but I stopped myself before I could
say a word. My opened mouth, suspended in time quickly closed in shyness. She
turned her head away hoping I wouldn’t notice her giggle from my awkward attempt to
confess my undying love. Without hesitation I took my phone out of my pocket.
8:58pm, 98%. Nervousness was taking over my body like a sickening virus. Was I
really about to tell her how I feel? I knew from after our first date that she was the one.
Not for one second had she ever left my mind. When I see her it’s as if I could run
forever, search forever, but in the end, every path leads right back to her heart.
The first time I kissed her goodnight, it was like the world stopped, leaving just the
two of us to wander the earth together. Hell, I’d die for this girl. I focused on my
breathing, calming myself down so I could speak. Reminding myself of our date on the
beach, the sounds of the soothing crashing waves, the sound of the seagulls that
were drifting up in the clear blue sky. My mind finally coming to an ease. Ready to
speak my mind, my lips spread open less than a centimetre and she turns to me
with excitement spread all over her face.
“There’s this really great coffee shop a few blocks down, wanna go?” Taken by
surprise, her question left a shocked expression on my face.
“It’s 9 pm, so what?” she continued.
“Uh okay?” I replied. We both stand from the street bench and we start walking.
That was definitely not what I wanted to say, I must’ve sounded like an idiot. I
brushed it off hoping she wouldn’t think about it as much as I am. We arrived at the
small coffee shop, outside you could see the red and orange tints from the decor
and walls peering through the curtains into the dark street. We walked in, ordered
and sat down at a small wooden table up against the back wall of the shop. I ordered a
small croissant with black forest ham and Swiss cheese. Unsurprised, she ordered a
mocha latte with caramel drizzle. I watched as she picked up her latte. I watched as
her pale pink plump lips grasped the cup as she drank. As she moved the cup away
from her face, a line of whipped creme lined her upper lip and a large portion of it
laid on her cupids bow. I watched as she licked it off. It was as if she was moving in
slow motion. Her tongue gilded from one end of her lip to the other. I wanted her
lips on mine in that very moment, but what I wanted more ...

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