Jeremiah Victorin Inquiry Project About Dreams

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Jeremiah Victorin Inquiry Project: Dreams
A dream is a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur in the mind during certain stages of sleep. There are many questions that we may ponder on when we think of dreams: Why can’t we remember our dreams, and others do? Why do we dream and what happens when we do? are there various kinds of dreams, Can dreaming give a performance boost?
Why can’t we remember our dreams, and other do? People who remember their dreams respond stronger than those who don’t, research says. We will never be sure why we forget our dreams. Our brain’s neurochemicals, during sleep, are different from when we wake up. We don’t pay attention to our dreams. Sleep Scientist are learning what happens to the brain when we sleep/dream. Scientist says our nightmares dreams stick with us and our surreal dreams don’t because our mind just gets rid of it.
Why do we dream and what happens when we do? Dreams are basically stories and images our minds create while we sleep. Dreams occur anytime during sleep. Experts say we dream at least 4 -6 x per night. They’re many theories about why we dream, but no one knows for sure. Researchers say dreams have no purpose. Others say dreams are good for mental, emotional, and physical health. Those who do not dream, experience anxiety, depression, and many other effects, studies show. Dreams are dreams. Dreams help our brain process thoughts.
Are there different kind of dreams? There are several types of dreams including daydreams, nightmares, lucid dreams, recurring dreams, prophetic dreams. These dreams have various kinds of meaning. You probably have all types. When you daydream, you spend an average of 70-120 min a day daydreaming. Our minds are just thinking. Lucid dreams occur when you realize you’re dreaming. Nightmares occur when you’re frightened. Recurring Dreams occurs/repeat themselves. Prophetic dreams tell the future. The meaning behind dreams is endless.
Can dreaming give a performance boost? Dreams can help us solve problems and be creative. Artists, from the poet William Blake to the filmmaker Ingmar Bergman, rely on dreams for inspiration. They both claim that they use dreams for creative inspiration while writing poems and making films, and guidance through their work. According to research, lucid dreamers can use their dreams effectively to solve creative problems. Dreams seem to be influencing our minds. Dreams can both shape us and show us who we are.
I remember I had a nightmare last night, it was scary/creepy. A monster was chasing me for what reason I couldn’t tell you. Researchers say, this means that you are being told by your unconsciousness that you're avoiding an issue or a person. Nightmares can really have a tricking way of getting in your mind. Who Knows! Maybe I am trying to avoid a person.
Dreams can really open our minds to new things. Dreams can provide us with insight into what is preoccupying our minds and our hearts. I learned many things about dreams I never knew before: That there are many kinds of dreams, what are dreams and many things. I’m going to use my knowledge and tell people as well as take a poll on people. Hope you have a good dream tonight!


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