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Enron Corporation's fishy accounting practices, the siphoning of profits at Adelphia Communications Corp., allegations of tax fraud and lavish personal spending of company money at Tyco International and WorldCom Inc.'s bid to hide billions of dollars worth of expenses are just a few examples of unethical activities. Scandals and bankruptcies in the United States at companies like Enron and WorldCom Inc. have focused attention on the abuse of the power entrusted to executives by shareholders, employees and customers and they underscore the need for reforms to bolster business ethics. The free enterprise system is based on transparency and integrity. Transparency is being open to public scrutiny, even for a private company. Integrity is about keeping promises, telling the truth and acting fairly and responsibly.ENRON AND WORLDCOM STORIESEnron is the story of the largest bankruptcy in U.S. history that has cost thousands of employees their jobs and their retirement. Enron, through a variety of accounting tricks relating to partnerships, inflated their profits and lowered their debt. They misled their employees, investors and the general public about the company's financial condition. Once those off-the-book partnerships were exposed, the bottom dropped out, with Enron's stock plummeting from almost $80 to less than $1 a share. Enron executives reaped millions through these partnerships and by selling off stock before the demise, while Enron employees lost much of their retirement and investors lost millions. info@alternet.orgArthur Anderson a firm that once stood ...


Essay on Enron and their fast downfall. - Organizational Behavior - Research Paper

1258 words - 6 pages world and the next they were declaring bankruptcy. Overall Enron was filled with a large proportion of unethical acts that took place daily. Although, the company was very innovative in itself the people working for the company could only be described as competitive and greedy. One employee even went as far as to say “If I’m going to my boss’s office to talk about compensation, and if I step on some guy’s throat and that doubles it, then I’ll

Assignment On The Overview Of Accounting

1137 words - 5 pages responsibility of business decisions and society has become very sensitive to unethical practices in the business world. Negative publicity can hamper the growth of a business, damage relationships with customers and effect profitability of a company. Enron , considered one of the country's most innovative companies bought and sold gas and electricity futures and created whole new markets for broadcast time for advertisers, weather futures, and Internet

Raising Of The Corporate Veil - ENRON

8487 words - 34 pages Lay.It was a very complex company heavily involved in energy trading and distribution and also was the 7th largest corporation in the U.S. (16th largest in the world). Despite its enormity and its massive profits before last year's fall, it managed to pay no taxes in 4 of last 5 years. (Exhibit 1)6.2 The Rise and Fall of Enron• Enron incurred massive debt and no longer had exclusive rights to its pipelines.• Needed new and innovative

Ethical And Legal Obligations In Accounting

1887 words - 8 pages : Applicability and Definitions* Section 100 - Independence, Integrity, and Objectivity* Section 200 - General Standards Accounting Principles* Section 300 - Responsibilities to Clients* Section 400 - Responsibilities to Colleagues* Section 500 - Other Responsibilities and Practices(SEC, 2006)Adherence to the Codes of Business Conduct has come into question since the Enron, WorldCom, and Tyco corporate disasters, which were largely due to leadership

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3066 words - 13 pages bankruptcies in the United States at companies like Enron and WorldCom Inc. have focused attention on the abuse of the power entrusted to executives by shareholders, employees and customers and they underscore the need for reforms to bolster business ethics. The free enterprise system is based on transparency and integrity. Transparency is being open to public scrutiny, even for a private company. Integrity is about keeping promises, telling the

Ethics Article Review

980 words - 4 pages Free IntroductionThis paper will review the article Through the Ethics Looking Glass: Another View of the World of Auditors and Ethics. This article was authored by Roger D. Martin and appeared in the Journal of Business Ethics in January 2007. As the title implies, this article deals with the ethical considerations faced by the audit profession.Article SummaryThe first part of the article discusses the requirement that auditors must be "looking

Accounting Reporting Criteria

1207 words - 5 pages Free Accounting Reporting CriteriaDuring the last few years, the regulatory environment has drastically changed in the United States. The drastic change was done after the Tyco and Enron sandals were uncovered. The new changes are designed to help protect the American public who invest in companies in the United States of America. After the Tyco and Enron sandals, a light bulb went off at the government. The government finally realized that they

Ethics And Social Responsibility

1116 words - 5 pages agree with the thesis or premise behind the chosen statement will conclude the paper.Before the Enron scandal at the turn of the century, social responsibility, and ethical behavior were, for the most part, more for show. If a shareholder or potential investor saw these guidelines in place, they were more apt to go along with that company, rather than go with one which had no guidelines in place. The world learned a hard lesson after the fall of

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619 words - 3 pages Free was long ago (Remarque 88). Paul saying that their youth was long ago implies that even though they are still young in age, they lost their innocence a long time ago. Albert expresses, “He is right. We are not youth any longer. We don’t want to take the world by storm. We are fleeing. We fly from ourselves. From our life. We were eighteen and had begun to love life and the world; and we had to shoot it to pieces” (Remarque 87-88). Paul and his

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4106 words - 17 pages , without an original referent ( D . M . Boje ,1995). Basically , a method of characterizing the way consciousness interacts with reality . When consciousness loses its ability to differentiate reality from fantasy , it begins to engage with the latter without understanding what it is doing . Believing that we live in a world where simulated experiences and feelings replace the real thing . Shopping malls , amusement parks and mass - produced images from

In What Ways Has Globalisation Helped Multinational Corporations Coordinate And Control Their Business Functions On A Global Scale

779 words - 4 pages In what ways has globalisation helped multinational corporations coordinate and control their business functions on a global scale.'Globalization' is commonly used as a shorthand way of describing the spread and connectedness of production, communication and technologies across the world. That spread has involved the linking of economic and cultural activity. Globalization in the sense of connectivity in economic and cultural life across the

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Research Of Investment Banks

8984 words - 36 pages , ultimately, clients around the world. Equity Research is organized along sector lines (Technology, Healthcare, Retail, etc.) and regions among sector groups and to help analysts determine trends in their overall broad economic sector. Responsibilities include: § Analyzing specific companies and industries; § Developing investment ideas and strategies that are used by clients in structuring and managing investment portfolios; § Providing

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Globalisation

1247 words - 5 pages . Technology dictates the manner in which goods, services and capital can be traded between economies. The World Wide Web has made it possible for businesses all over the world be in contact 24hours a day. This allows buying and selling to take place at anytime of the day or night. However this alone is mostly unprofitable without means of efficient transport. Sheldrake (2006) claims that developments such as those in packaging, miniaturization

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969 words - 4 pages individuals between 18-20 years old is done while engaging in binge drinking behavior” (Lowering the Drinking Age,1). The relevance of this article is to show with facts and numbers that lowering the drinking age would be beneficial to the economy and would help instill better drinking habits. Body 2: -responsibility Around the world the legal drinking age varies greatly. ^^^^^combine 1 and 2 Body 3: -brain damage REWORD: However, there are facts