Enviromental Impacts Due To Agriculture Ap Human Geography Essay

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Ava Tucker, Louis, Jacob
Human Geography Agricultural Impacts
Global warming, pollution, and soil detrigation all have large impacts on our earth, and therefore our agricultural practices. Both developed and undeveloped countries rely heavily on agriculture for survival, seeing as most people get the majority of their calories from farm raised animals, such as cow and chicken, and crops such as corn and wheat. Without successful agricultural practices, global starvation rates would skyrocket, and life as we know it would be threatened. Global warming has severe impacts on the animals that we raise for meat and dairy, along with the crops we grow to feed ourselves and our animals. Water pollution-. Soil detrigation-.
As earth’s temperatures continue to become more extreme due to global warming (extremely hot summers and cold winters), our agricultural practices are endangered. Many plants and animals rely on certain weather conditions to thrive, and global warming has resulted in the loss of many crops and animals. Most crops, such as wheat, corn, and soy have what's known as an “optimal growth temperature”, meaning that they thrive under a certain temperature range. When the temperatures exceeds or fails to meet these temperatures for extended period of time, mass crop death can result. This is harmful because it not only leads to more expensive food prices, but can also, in extreme cases, lead to starvation of people and animals who rely heavily on these crops for survival. Additionally, Extreme temperatures can be very harmful for animals, not only because it endangers the crops they eat, but also has very negative health effects. Farm animals, such as co...


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