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Title: Examine three (3) impacts the hospitality industry has on the environment and strategies to reduce each impact.
It is important to protect and conserve the environment so that people cannot put the earth’s ability of supporting future generation at risk. The hospitality industry presents different environmental aspects that may have a substantial effect on the environment. Its users are using resources like water and energy every day and generating a lot of effluents and solid waste (Jayawardena, 2003). This paper discusses the key environmental effects generated by the hospitality industry and hints on the likely strategies that can result to enhancements in environmental management in this specific activity. With the current new interest in global warming and intensified worry for environmental degradation, majority of individuals have begun paying attention on the effects of the hospitality sector on the environment. Sustainable development practices are now the best ways or strategies of reducing the impacts of hospitality sector on environment.
With the increasing environmental degradation, there is need for sustainability development to help reduce the impacts hospitality sector has on the environment. Sustainability development refers to a kind of development that satisfies current needs without risking the ability of future generations to satisfy their own necessities (Redclift, 2002). At both the global and local extents, sustainable development is distinguished from other kinds of development that result to ecological and social damage. Basically, there are three main reasons why peo...

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