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Environmental Factors Essay

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University of Phoenix Marketing MKT/421 Success in any endeavor whether it be, personal, private enterprise, or at the governmental level will inevitably be impacted on by environmental factors. Organizations and firms involved in trading will experience that their marketing decisions are influenced by environmental factors domestically as well as internationally. This environmental paper will therefore, focus on the Coco-Cola company as an organization whose domestic and global marketing decisions, are affected by environmental factors. In this paper specific areas such as the high level of domestic and global environmental factors that may impact the organizational marketing decisions and ...view middle of the document...

This agreement in effect has forced all the trading nations to dismantle any preferential treatment Environmental Factors which existed prior to the signing of the agreement, resulting in equal treatment to all. All Countries therefore, now have an equal opportunity of trading on the world stage because trading blocs among some countries have been reduced. Other competing businesses in the beverage industry such as Pepsi may set up entities anywhere in the world, and this development may mean less growth for Coca-Cola especially in well established markets. Interestingly, the Asian market is now well poised to allow expansion of the Coca-Cola product.While the economic factors discussed in the last paragraph, have now aligned the world to a restrictive free trading regime globalization however, can position Coca-Cola to attain limitless expansion in the world. Potential franchise customers as well as the general population can share reviews about the product, through the various technological avenues such as the internet, and instant messaging. The advent of globalization can duplicate the international base of Coca-Cola since as of July 2008, 153 countries were members and observers of the W.T.O.The expansion and growth experienced by any organization in today's world is indeed welcome and while globalization presents this opportunity for Coca-Cola, political and legal factors will indeed pose a challenge to the international company. In countries like Haiti in the Caribbean which has been torn by many political upheavals, Coca-Cola will be reluctant to expand its business in that country. Another example is Cuba, where the United States has placed a trade embargo since 1962 so that U.S. companies are forbidden to do business with that island, as a result restricting Coca-Colas expansion plans.The three factors mentioned above which all have an impact on the domestic and global environment on Coca-Colas marketing decisions are directly and indirectly impacted on by the use of technology by the firm. Marketers of the Coca-Cola Company would obviously want to maintain the firm's position as the industry leader of beverages in the world and so the firm would have to incorporate the use of the internet, efficient microprocessors, and other portable information devices among other technology gadgets. The popular phrase time means money is conceptualized by the Coca-Cola Company together with the extensive use of technology...

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