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University of Phoenix Marketing MKT/421 Success in any endeavor whether it be, personal, private enterprise, or at the governmental level will inevitably be impacted on by environmental factors. Organizations and firms involved in trading will experience that their marketing decisions are influenced by environmental factors domestically as well as internationally. This environmental paper will therefore, focus on the Coco-Cola company as an organization whose domestic and global marketing decisions, are affected by environmental factors. In this paper specific areas such as the high level of domestic and global environmental factors that may impact the organizational marketing decisions ...view middle of the document...

This agreement in effect has forced all the trading nations to dismantle any preferential treatment Environmental Factors which existed prior to the signing of the agreement, resulting in equal treatment to all. All Countries therefore, now have an equal opportunity of trading on the world stage because trading blocs among some countries have been reduced. Other competing businesses in the beverage industry such as Pepsi may set up entities anywhere in the world, and this development may mean less growth for Coca-Cola especially in well established markets. Interestingly, the Asian market is now well poised to allow expansion of the Coca-Cola product.While the economic factors discussed in the last paragraph, have now aligned the world to a restrictive free trading regime globalization however, can position Coca-Cola to attain limitless expansion in the world. Potential franchise customers as well as the general population can share reviews about the product, through the various technological avenues such as the internet, and instant messaging. The advent of globalization can duplicate the international base of Coca-Cola since as of July 2008, 153 countries were members and observers of the W.T.O.The expansion and growth experienced by any organization in today's world is indeed welcome and while globalization presents this opportunity for Coca-Cola, political and legal factors will indeed pose a challenge to the international company. In countries like Haiti in the Caribbean which has been torn by many political upheavals, Coca-Cola will be reluctant to expand its business in that country. Another example is Cuba, where the United States has placed a trade embargo since 1962 so that U.S. companies are forbidden to do business with that island, as a result restricting Coca-Colas expansion plans.The three factors mentioned above which all have an impact on the domestic and global environment on Coca-Colas marketing decisions are directly and indirectly impacted on by the use of technology by the firm. Marketers of the Coca-Cola Company would obviously want to maintain the firm's position as the industry leader of beverages in the world and so the firm would have to incorporate the use of the internet, efficient microprocessors, and other portable information devices among other technology gadgets. The popular phrase time means money is conceptualized by the Coca-Cola Company together with the extensive use of technol...


The Bio-Psychological Approaches To Understanding Mental Events And Behaviour Result In More Conclusive Findings Than Using A Social Approach And/Or Examining Environmental Factors. Discuss

2275 words - 10 pages , biological and environmental factors to take into consideration when discussing the causes of schizophrenia. Perhaps the most significant factor is genetic. Gottesman's twin study in 1987 reported that identical MZ twins has a concordance rate of 44% and DZ twins had a concordance rate of 12%, with parents and grandparents resulting in 9% and £% respectively. This indicates that the closer the genetic link a person has with an individual suffering

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856 words - 4 pages Avondale Farm Essay Avondale Farm, located around Beverly, is surrounded by many cultural and physical elements. Established in 1978, the farm used to be a research centre where new farmers came to learn how to farm efficiently and successfully. It is now a farm where visitors may come and discover its history and learn more about new methods of farming or just farming in general. When walking around the farm, many cultural and physical aspects

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523 words - 3 pages salinity of soil, due to evaporation. It is important to realise the severity of the problem on a local and global level. Most international organisations are involved in bringing awareness and change amongst the people around the world. The Aral Sea crisis should be an eye opener to all of us not only of the wide scale environmental degradation but also the economic, social and medical problems. There should be measures to relieve the negative impacts of environmental factors and to provide all efforts to support and improve the situation.

Effects Of Globalization On The Environment

584 words - 3 pages Free . Through the development of environmental supports some beneficial factors have evolved such as new up to date emissions standards. This greatly reduces the worldwide threat of global warming. By agencies effectively implementing such standards our world has become safer and healthier. These efforts are now on a continuum which only leaves our world to improvement. Globalization is the reason for this and without it our world would be at

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834 words - 4 pages human. The contradiction of these two concepts has produced a vast amount of information throughout history based on the differences between nature and nurture. In the context of this debate, nature refers to our genetics and certain hereditary factors that makes us who we are— such as our appearance, epigenetics, and personality characteristics . While on the other hand, nurture refers to the environmental factors that influence us. These factors

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435 words - 2 pages Sustainable Biomes Mia Santalucia / 9Geography7 Part A – How environmental factors influence agricultural yields Change in climate is considered to be a global phenomenon, however it impacts are more widely felt in the developing countries due to their greater vulnerabilities and lesser ability to reduce the effects of climate change. Therefore, the major impact of climate change is on agricultural production due to changes in rain pattern

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1633 words - 7 pages due large verities and easy access to foods from all around the globe making healthier choices has become more difficult then it should. What foods we mainly consume and how much off are generally the defining factors to our health status. Different types of environmental influences operate across multiple domains. Biological factors such as hunger humans need energy and nutrients in order to function and palatability which is affiliated with

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627 words - 3 pages often and increasingly in some individuals find it harder to find the correct words or expressions. Environmental factors- climate changes air soil and pollution are all factors affecting older people resulting in either good or bad life for the ageing individual Socio economic factors- influences can be such that poverty can lead to malnutrition poor health services sanitation and unsafe living conditions due to maybe lack of money or knowledge

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630 words - 3 pages : poor attitude to safety, unsafe work behaviours, and working in high risk jobs such as transport and construction. · Protective factors include: the use of protective measures, risk assessments, and proper utilisation of WH&S legislation and the WorkCover Authority.  Sociocultural, socioeconomic, and environmental determinants · Sociocultural determinants of injuries include: · An increase in risk taking amongst youth, especially for males

Strategic Directions-Formal And Informal

1536 words - 7 pages Free provides a broad assessment of worldwide trends, economic, political and technological. The regional level analysis focuses on environmental factors to identify opportunities and risks for marketing goods or services. The national level of investigation would assess the size and nature of the market, along with any operational problems. How well these assessments serve a company depends on the quality of specific information provided about

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1049 words - 5 pages Running head: PERSONALITY – IMPACTED BY NURTURE OR NATURE 1 Running header: PERSONALITY- IMPACTED BY NURTURE OR NATURE? 1 The Impact Environmental Factors Have on an Individuals Personality, Behavior, and Health. Tristen West Eastern Florida State College The Impact Environmental Factors Have on an Individuals Personality, Behavior, and Health. Introduction Nature versus nurture has been a topic debated among students and psychologists alike for

Nature Plus Nurture, An Argumentative Subject In The Scientific World

2327 words - 10 pages         The classic debated topic of nurture versus nature has been, and always will be an argumentative subject in the scientific world. Some psychologists and scientists share the view that our behavioral aspects originate only from the environmental factors of our upbringing. While other opposing specialists argue the outlook in science that agrees with the naturalist idea. This concept of naturalistic ideas supports the hereditary

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1429 words - 6 pages , Signature & Date: Title: Examine three (3) impacts the hospitality industry has on the environment and strategies to reduce each impact. It is important to protect and conserve the environment so that people cannot put the earth’s ability of supporting future generation at risk. The hospitality industry presents different environmental aspects that may have a substantial effect on the environment. Its users are using resources like water and

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457 words - 2 pages Assignment #1: Defining Justice Although the Criminal Code has specific definition for defining justice, when it is applied in the theoretic to society it appears to be just in fair dealing with crime. However, when applied in reality a singular definition of justice does not encompass or take into consideration the historical context of certain individuals, the environmental, or situational factors that may have occurred or the burdens and

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1069 words - 5 pages describe them not as epidemics but as pandemics” (26). Looking at David S. Jones’ perspective, he believes that disease was only part of the cause in the decline of the Native American population. Jones believes that there were many factors that changed how Native Americans were composed all throughout America. These factors include poverty, malnutrition, environmental stress, genetics along with a few others. Jones does believe the disease