Environmental Science EVR1001 Lab Report - EVR1001 - Lab Report

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EVR1001L-0001 Fall 2017
Lab 8: Green Building Lab Report
Gianna Stern
April 29, 2018
Methods (15 points): To start this lab, the experimenter traveled to a cul-de-sac in a neighborhood full of houses. The purpose of this lab is to enter a vacant house, explore the insides, scan the living areas for opportunities to improve environmental friendliness, in other words, make it more “green.” Firstly, the experimenter had to find a vacant house and speak to the Estate Agent to take ownership of the building. After receiving a list of the rooms, each one was navigated through and explored to find objects and beneficial ways to make the house more green. Whether it was upgrading to a certain model, cleaning or adding something new, there were several different ways to improve efficiency of energy in every room in the house.
Results - Table (45 points):
Table #1: Table depicting changes made to different objects in various rooms, included with their reasoning and value.
How does the change make the house more sustainable or energy efficient?
Double glazed to triple glazed
Better heat retention; less energy used for home heating.
Living Room
Plasma TV
Turn off after an hour
Televisions waste electricity when it’s on and no one is watching it
Living Room
DVD Player
Turn off instead of having on standby
Technology left on standby consumes more energy when no one is using it
Living Room
Add a carpet
Laminated floors don’t provide much insulation during colder periods. Carpets provide warmth and comfort
Living Room
Ceiling Fan
Add a ceiling fan
Use a ceiling fan to help get cool as opposed to the energy consumption of Air Conditioning
Replace door gasket
Ensures the maximum efficiency of the cold air not escaping
Replace with more efficient model
Use a more efficient model with an “Energy Star” rating
Clean oven
A clean oven improves efficiency
Dining Room
Replace with a newer model
Allows more control over when the heat comes on and at what temperature, which reduces the amount of energy used
Turn on hibernation mode
Periods of inactive use waste energy
Hair dryer
Unplug it
Leaving plugged in when not using consumes energy
Replace with low-flow model
Reduces amount of water used per flush
Replace with a low-flow shower head
Reduces consumption
Laundry R...

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