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1.Problem / PurposeThe purpose of this experiment is to investigate the properties of an enzyme - substrate reaction2.HypothesisHydrogen peroxide is a very reactive compound that can be used for a variety of reactions including bleaching and disinfecting minor wounds. Acting as an oxidizing agent, it is also toxic to cells, hence its value as a disinfecting agent that disrupts the metabolism of bacteria. Our body cells and those of many other animals contain an enzyme called catalase that accelerates the conversion of toxic hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen gas.In this experiment, if the concentration of the enzyme is increased, then the reaction will proceed faster and if the ...view middle of the document...

03 * 25 g = 0.75 g64.08 g Hydrogen Peroxide----------- 22400 g Oxygen Gas0.75 g Hydrogen Peroxide ------ x g Oxygen gasx = (1.3)x = 246.7685 g Oxygen GasTheoretically, 246.7685 mL of Oxygen Gas should be released6.3.Question #3:a) The results of the experiment comparing the amount of oxygen evolved as time elapses are presented in the graph below.b) The results of the experiment comparing the amount of oxygen evolved after 20 seconds, for each enzyme concentration used are presented in the graphs below.6.4.Question #4: The results of other members of the class are presented in comparison with our results in the observation table. The results for the amount of oxygen evolved at the end of the experiment are within a 0 - 5 mL range.The sources of error are grouped into:Human errorsAll these errors are due to the way each member of the class reads the instruments, how they appreciate and approximate in + or - when the reading is between two divisions on the reading on the graduated cylinder. For example, if the water level in the graduated cylinder is between 240 and 250 mL, one group might approximate 244 and another might approximate 246.Apparatus and instrumental errorsDifferent members of the class used different instruments (ex: syringe, clock, graduated cylinder, hose) substances such as hydrogen peroxide obtained from different bottles with different concentrations, all these producing different results within all members of the class. For example, if the concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide is 3% (as theoretically given) then the amount of oxygen evolved should be 246.77 mL, but because each group extracted from different bottles, some might be 3.05% (giving 288mL) while others 2.99 % (giving 240 mL).Also, the syringe may not be calibrated for the temperature in the lab.6.5.Question #5: The amount of oxygen produced in our experiment and the theoretical yield are slightly different. In addition to the errors presented in paragraph 6.4., there could be many little difference between the real values involved in the experiment and the values that were considered in the theoretical approach, for example, the hydrogen peroxide concentration used in the experiment could be slightly different than the theoretically assumed value -> 3.0%. This would produce different amounts of oxygen.The volume of air is measured at a pressure bigger than the standard atmospheric pressure because of the immersion of the tube in water. The pressure in the tube, when it is full of gas, is equal to the pressure at the bottom of the tube that is the atmospheric pressure plus the pressure due to the depth of immersion, so the gas contained in the tube is slightly compressed giving a measured volume that is smaller than the correct volume of gas at atmospheric pressure.6.6.Question #6: Enzymes are globular proteins whose shapes are specialized to perform temporary associations with the molecules that are reacting. By putting stress on particular chemical bonds,...

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