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Document 1 (for) – The Treaty of Ghent, signed between American and Great Britain in 1814, shows very clearly that there was an Era of Good Feelings in the United States. This is because with the signing of the treaty, Americans began to see in themselves national pride as, once again, they won a war against Great Britain, they finally began to be recognized as a (semi)powerful nation by the rest of Europe. For the first time since the Revolution, people began to feel pride in being American.
Document 2 (against) - James C. Calhoun’s speech to congress on February 4th, 1817 shows the opposite of what Doc 1 showed. With the victory of the war of 1812 came a period of immense expansion. While this in itself shows the EGF, Calhoun argues that the farther we expand, the harder it is to govern, thus, we should do one of two things: (a) not expand west or (b) take it slowly.
Document 3 (for) – The picture shown as Document 3 portrays an immense amount of American nationalism. This is because, as stated before, America had once again defeated a major world super-power and this they began to believe that anything was possible and began to feel immense pride in their young country (as it’s shown in the party being thrown by (almost) all Americans to celebrate victory).
Document 4 (for) – The decision of the Supreme Court case McCulloch v. Maryland shows again an Era of Good Feelings....


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898 words - 4 pages defining feature of an “Era of Good Feeling”.Earlier the division and expansion within the nation was mentioned; it is a very important factor in this time period. It influences the accuracy of being able to title this era as one of “Good Feelings”. In Document 1, it is clear that during the years of 1815-1825, the pattern of presidential election outcomes went from an effectively unanimous turnout for James Monroe to a

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1265 words - 6 pages Hackett Document Analysis By: Sara Castro (104784879) 1. What is known about Nelson Hackett from these documents? (150-200 words) Based on the Dispatch from Sir Charles Bagot to Lord Stanley, Nelson Hackett is known to be a coloured slave who had committed a robbery in the state of Arkansas and escaped to avoid being caught and punished (Document 1). With being property of A. Wallace (Document 6), Nelson was able to steal one of Wallace’s roan

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1753 words - 8 pages brought them away from the rational world since it was not based on reason or proof. (Rogers 8) John Locke was one of the leading philosopher of the time. He is credited with initiating the Enlightenment in England and France. He believed that everyone is born with a tabula rasa, or a "blank slate" and that experience is the only thing that provides knowledge and interests. His beliefs helped to popularize, during this era, a theory that everyone can