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31 May 2018
Seeking True Love
Even though there are many instances where people fall in love at first sight, finding true love can be much more of a challenge. In many cases, couples break up or divorce because of an issue within their relationship. There are many factors that can have negative effects on it. For example, trust plays a very important role in maintaining a healthy relationship. By not revealing his own appearance to his wife, Eros prevents them of having a strong and healthy relationship. In “Eros and Psyche”, Sean Armstrong uses internal and external conflict, as well as characterization to propose that true love does not exist without the presence of trust and dedication.
To begin, Psyche started having doubts in the relationship between her and the lover she had longed for, which broke the trust that is needed to obtain true love. First, Psyche felt that she could not trust her mysterious husband because he forbade her to look upon his face. When her sisters suggested that she should look upon her husband’s face while he is asleep, “[Psyche] began to have doubts herself” (Sean Armstrong 228) and “She felt she could not trust him” (2...


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