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Greek Inventions and Discoveries
Greek inventions and discoveries are products that we use on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, the inventions and discoveries the Greek made/ found we have just modernized it and made it our own. As I watched the short video I was mesmerized on the number of scientists who worked so hard to better life. The effort of these scientists has given us a chance to advance their discoveries and a better chance in success. The most important thing was the fact that these discoveries went through many different encounters and ended with in the advancement of many industries. The Greek inventions and discoveries are the base of mostly everything we use today.
The video shows a variety of inventions and discoveries. Going back in time to when the typography was invented or to a more present time when the blackberry was invented by Mike Lazarides. Another example of an invention by the Greek is the Latin alphabet. Which in fact is used in schools today, even the school system has its roots in the ancient academies. During the middle ages the Latin alphabet was used for writing languages, direct descendants of Latin, Celtic, Germanic, Baltic, and some Slavic languages. The term Latin alphabet may refer to either the alphabet used to write Latin or other alphabets based on the Latin script. The Greek inventions made an enormous impact on a mixture of fields in both past and present lives.
Philosophy is another invention of the Greeks that is used every day. Philosophy is the study of fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline. It is documented in the writings of different scholars. Some of these scholars included Socrates and Plato. Greek philosophy wanted to focus all of the attention on the logic in answering important questions. Not just any type of questions, questions about life. The role of ancient philosophy on modern philosophy can’t be belittled. It has a considerable impact on science and life today.
Humanism and democracy are both traced to the Greek civilization. These concepts are practiced in the entire world. The entertainment and sports industry have benefited from the Greek inventions as well. Let’s not for...


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929 words - 4 pages . Smith was a great college player and was good at the Combine, so he goes to Oakland at number 10. 11. Miami Dolphins- Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama | Jarvis Landry is gone to Cleveland, so they need a wide receiver to take his place. They will probably look for a quarterback in free agency, but WR is a bigger need. Ridley fits the bill perfectly here. So he goes to Miami eleventh overall. 12.Buffalo Bills (from Bengals)- Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma

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892 words - 4 pages surround these factors, as well as the status of the tenant, in order to make humane, ethical decisions. Works Cited Desmond, Matthew.Evicted: Poverty And Profit In The American City. Crown Publishers, 2016, pp. 206-210. Hasbini, Mohamad Ali. "The Great Recession Of 2007 And The Housing Market Crash: Why Did So Many Builders Fail?". Muma College of Business University of South Florida, 2017. United Nations Human Settlement Programme.Forced Evictions. United Nations, Geneva, 2014, Accessed 8 July 2019.


2862 words - 12 pages Free on the way in which Oktoberfest is run, the details of which will be explored throughout this essay. The economy of Munich is influenced hugely by Oktoberfest. 70% of Munich’s tourists to go to the event and around 955 million euros are spent during the 16 to 18-day festival on amenities such as public transport, accommodation, food, drink and entertainment (Schulekorf, 2008). Each year the festival employees 12,000 people to run the “worlds