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Sikander 1
Hibah Sikander
Professor Holmes
English 101
10 February 2018 Moving to Virginia
Imagine sitting in front of a glimmering beach. You can feel the warmth of the sand on your legs as the sun glistens off your shoulders. You hear the shrill noise of the seagulls looking for a bite to eat as you look up at the palm trees. One may look at my pale skin and dark hair and think I am a girl from the east coast, but I am from a place most people call paradise. I consider myself blessed to have spent my childhood in San Diego. Now that I look back at that place, it almost seems like a dream rather than a reality. However, living in “paradise” wasn’t going to do anything for my future. Once I turned eighteen, it was time for me to start focusing on the educational path I needed to take to become a doctor. In the state of California, there weren’t many opportunities for kids like me who wanted to pursue a career in medicine. There were a few med schools, but they were either overpriced or impossible to get into. I didn’t see my future in California; however I did see my future in a place located across the United States called Virginia. I was already familiar with the state because my dad already has a job here that he has been doing for three years while my mom, my brother, and I lived in California because I had to finish up high school. Once it was time for me to go to college, was time for me to pack everything and leave the place I called home. This journey has been the most overwhelming rollercoaster I have ever been through. I not only learned about myself but also the value life has on things like family, friends and mental health.
Back in San Diego, the economy wasn’t very stable which is why my dad eventually got laid off from his job. Unfortunately, there were no jobs available that suited my father’s skills and major. Before I knew it he got shifted to a software company in Alexandria, Virginia. I was glad that my father finally found a job; however it meant that he had to live all alone without us, his family. My father would visit every couple of months, and whenever he would visit I would finally feel like I had a family. It was tough going through high school without my best friend but I pulled through until I got used to it. Fast forward two years, and it was eventually time for me to graduate. I was terrified to start college but was also enthusiastic to start this new chapter in my life. It was a bummer to leave all my friends as they went to college out of state, but on the first day of college I saw a girl that I already knew from high school but never really talked to. Her name was Crystal. I subtly said hello as she was walked by me and she responded with a wave along with kind eyes and a smile. Later in the day we realized that we were in the same chemistry class. We sat next to each other and from that day on we did nothing but laugh and not pay attention to anything the teacher said which is probably why we got s...


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1462 words - 6 pages love to be open to all to the masses through use of theatre. Bibliography Greenblatt, S.J. and Abrams, M.H. (2012) The Norton anthology of English literature: V. 1. Edited by Carol T. Christ and Alfred David. 9th edn. New York: W.W. Norton & Co. Webster, J. (1999) The Duchess of Malfi. Edited by Paul Negri. United States: Dover Thrift Editions. Webster, J. and Sims, S. (2003) ‘York notes on John Webster’s ’‘the Duchess of Malfi’‘ (York notes advanced)’. London: York Press [u.a.]. Stacey Burnett 160013322

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