Essay About Fastfood Being Marketed Towards Children. Language Arts Essay

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Angelina Navarro
Venessa Smith
English 3
07 November 2018
Breakup With Fast Food
Have you ever wondered why brands use such colorful design? Or maybe ever brand has a fun, colorful, and friendly mascot? Childhood obesity has gone up in the US and is increasing every year. Parents may be the prime example of bad eating habits towards children. Many of the industries today have been finding new ways every time on ways to get money, many of the ways are getting through to the young generation, your children, the future.
Many parents work and come home tired from trying to make ends meet, they do not want to bother making dinner so reach into the freezer and pull out a box of processed food, or maybe call the phone for food delivery. The reason why so many people go towards fast food is it is so simple and so easy to do, it takes no time for the adults part and makes the kids happy as well. One problem is it creates a bad eating habit with the whole family. The children will then think of instead of going to a good choice of food that is healthy, they instead go to the unhealthy food instead since it is so quick.
Many of the products that companies sell that are food related are not so healthy. Sugary junk that we give to the young generation only causes a bad outcome in their development. They are not able to concentrate right due to all the bad processed food being digested that it does not give a good performance in school studies. Not to mention what schools give to our children. According to David Barboza in his article, he interviewed schools that have days where fast food chain restaurants come and sell their products to the school. Most schools have made little change to the lunches in ...


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