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In the Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte shows that the character, Jane Eyre, becomes important that shows how she express British women and show how characters changes during the story progress. She is a smart, plain featured, honest young girl whose reaction to her situations brings more depth to her personality. At the beginning, Jane has an emotion for pride and the idea of freedom, along with her kindness and steady character, are tested continuously throughout the novel by the many personalities who she meets. At Jane’s time women were treated as inferior and believed to be less capable then men. She shows that women have power to change the women’s position in world and we see this throughout the book. In book has many other significant female characters like Bertha, Maria Temple and Diana Rivers who has similar type and feelings as Jane. They are comparable to Jane in both political and psychological feelings, illustrating her style and status in life aspect of her own personality as a British women’s.
One of the first females is Maria Temple. She's one of the female adult characters who reach out to Jane. She is friendly, lovely woman with the big heart who worked at Lowood, school of girl as a teacher. She is sympathetic and motherly to the orphan girls who stay at Lowood. When Jane arrived there, she takes care of Jane and Helen to show them that in that school has favorable people who will be good with all the students. Maria’s position in society is like that Jane has when she is growing. Maria shows that differences between Jane and her was only age. Maria saw that Jane has lovely heart who will help people when grew up. She knows that Jane has all the perspective to become a proper British women and she will spend all time to help others.
Second female is Diana Rivers who is the b...


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