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I, Rosanna A. Medina De Castro, Legal Translator of the Dominican Republic, appointed by Resolution No. 2266-2003 issued by the Supreme Court
of Justice, hereby certify having translated this document written in Spanish to the best of my knowledge into the following English version:
Coat of Arms
Ministry of Education
Dominican Republic
Centros APEC de Educacion a Distancia, Inc.
Recognized By Executive Decree 1308’71
Certified By Departmental Order 9’72 SEE
The undersigned, Maria Sierra, Educational Secretary of the center CENAPEC
CERTIFIES: That in the files of this institution are recorded the following data related to the student HAROLD ANTHONY ISAAC CABRERA
Born in SAN PEDRO DE MACORIS, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, on the 11TH day of the month of NOVEMBER of the year 1998
He has an official certificate of Completion of Basic Education, Registered with RNE: HIC9811110001
Issued in SANTO DOMINGO, NATIONAL DISTRICT, dated 2011-2012
His last enrollment corresponds to the school year 2015-2016 of Second Cycle Fourth Grade (4th), High School, General modality
First Cycle First Grade
School Year 2012-2013
Grade Subjects
First Semester
Mark Date of
Second Semester
Mark Date of
Spanish Language 79 Dec-12 Spanish Language 77 May-13
Mathematics I 70 Dec-12 Mathematics II 70 May-13
Biology 72 Dec-12 Chemistry 71 May-13
History of
75 Dec-12 History of
76 June-13
Physical Education 83 Dec-12 Physical Education 85 May-13
English 86 Dec-12 English 75 May-13
French 73 Dec-12 French 76 May-13
Comprehensive Human and
Religious Formation
74 Dec-12 Comprehensive Human and
Religious Formation
86 May-13
Institutional Orientation 90 Dec-12 Institutional Orientation 80 May-13
Artistic Education 73 Dec-12 Artistic Education 89 May-13
Introduction to Computer
72 Dec-12 Computer Science 83 May-13
Moral and Civic Education 71 Dec-12 Moral and Civic Education 70 June-13
School of origin: COLEGIO CENTU
First Cycle Second Grade
School Year 2013-2014
Grade Subjects
First Semester
Mark Date of
Second Semester
Mark Date of
Spanish Language 94 Dec-13 Spanish Language 72 May-14
Mathematics III 71 Dec-13 Mathematics IV 73 May-14
Biology 73 Dec-13 Physics 76 May-14
Geography and History of
America and the Caribbean
75 Dec-13 Geography and History of
America and the Caribbean
71 June-14
Physical Education Resolution 3300-03 Physical Education Resolution 3300-03
English 85 Dec-13 English 77 May-14
French 79 Dec-13 French 74 June-14
Comprehensive Human and
Religious Formation
79 Dec-13 Comprehensive Human and
Religious Formation
77 May-14
Artistic Education 79 Dec-13 Artistic Education 85 May-14
Institutional Orientation 92 Dec-13 Institutional Orientation 93 May-14
Computer Science ...

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