Essay About The Food Industry And How It Has Affected Us - Nassau Community College/ English - Literacy Essay

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Bruno 1
Stelina Bruno
Professor Hegarty
English 101
11 February 2019
The use of technology has significantly increased over time. The impact of social
media is often spoken about in positive ways such as making communication easier, and by
providing knowledge of current events through the media. However, society has failed to
mention how negatively technology has affected this current generation, becoming a huge
distraction, affects our brain and is addictive. Technology such as cellphones plays a major role
in the inability to focus on one thing and has an impact on students and their academic
performances in school.
Technology can cause us to multitask, often directing us to doing things like eating and
surfing the internet on our phones at the same time. We can infer that multitasking can affect our
brain, the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for our decision-making, reasoning, and
planning. When we multitask, we are constantly changing our focus from one thing to another at
a fast pace. Society has put a large amount of pressure to multitask, the skill to multitask is
required in majority of occupations. Video games has become an addiction within children,
adolescents, and young adults, people are fighting in order to stop the negative effects of today’s
technology such as the violence in video games, studies shows how playing games not only
Bruno 2
affects the brain but decreased an individual’s ability to retrieve and remember important
The increased in multitasking is bad for us. However, not many people can handle
multitasking and because of the social pressure to multitask, it looks like they now lack an
important skill. Although, it’s actually better that they have the ability to focus on one task
without being distracted because now they are seen as mindful.
Many students are being face with hardships when it comes to studying, and doing
homeworks, their performances in school are now being affected due to the use phones,
computers, or any other electronic devices which enables us to multitasks as well. Through
experiences we encounter that there is a differences in age when it comes to cell phones. As
stated “ as adults age, some of th...

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