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His Creation
In the beginning, there was nothing. He stood above the dark universe, adetermined to create the most elaborate existial matrix ever. He assembled an entire galaxy, carefully choosing each planets topogrophy, enviornment, and its location in space time.
He was so content with his arrangement of the planets. He watched each planet closley, studying how they matured.
There was one planet was exceptionally remarkable to him. It seemed to be in the most perfect location in the solar system. He documented the vast oceans and the rushing rivers. The soild was flurishing with foliage. Masssive mountains towered the land. He decided to name it earth.
He favors earth more than the other planets. After centuries of observation, he saw the earth was in disaray. The green grass was turning brown. The waters becoming filled with algee. All of the flowers begining to wilt. So he visualized an an entire ecosystem. One that is self sustaining. Where each creature serves a specific purpose and duty to fulfill. Some animals provide for the vegitation, while some feed on it. Some feed on eachother. According to his plan, if every animal completes their genetic tasks, the earth will remain in order.
He feels great compassion toward the harmony and order of earth. Although he wanted to continue his endevors. It was his goal to create the perfect being. He picked one feature from everything possible in the universe and carfully organized them. Putting each body part, characteristic, and feature in its place for a specific reason. He called this being a human man.
He had great plans for humans. He gave them the ability to interact and learn from one another. He gave them the ability to imagine and create. He wanted humans to be the supreme beings of earth. To allow humans to populate the planet, he reversed his origional design of the human, creating a woman.
He examined the humans. He said that men and women will have to work to aquire the go...


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